I might be the only dummy in the world who notices or cares about this stuff, but was "LA X" the first time Kimberly Joseph, who plays Cindy Chandler, was ever promoted from a "co-star" (name quickly scrolled in small letters at the end of the show) to a "guest star" (name given proper credit at the start of the episode, after the main stars)? Has this ever happened in the history of the show before? It was always pretty set before that if you were a co-star, you were either

a) a one-off part that was not essential to the episode's plot (like Sullivan or so many flashback characters),

b) an extra who was given one line for an episode (like Doug or Steve), or

c) a character that was destined to die very quickly (like Justin).

Since I never thought Cindy fit into any of these three categories, I thought it was weird that she was only a co-star. I'm glad she got the seemingly unprecedented promotion. I wonder if that meant more money?

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