I know the answer to this is probably "don't overthink it, you'll just realize it makes no sense," but I can't figure out why certain people time-traveled after Ben turned the wheel and others didn't.

Joe Schmo Flight 815ers: Sawyer, Jin, Rose, Bernard, Vincent, Frogurt, redshirts

Time traveled: YES

Possible reason: no particular tie to the Island or reason not to... I'll buy it.

Freighter people: Daniel, Miles, Charlotte

Time traveled: YES

Possible reason: same as the Joe Schmo 815ers. That's fine.

Long-time Others: Alpert, Dogen, Lennon, Aldo, redshirts

Time traveled: NO

Possible reason: Tied, grounded, or connected to the Island. If it moves in time, they move with it. Sure, why not?

Flight 815ers-turned-Others: Cindy, Zack, Emma, up to 10 redshirts

Time traveled: NO

Possible reason: As full-fledged Others, they are tied to the Island, which trumps their 815 survivor status. A'ight.

Flight 815er about to become an Other: Locke

Time traveled: YES

Possible reason: Wasn't an Other yet. Sure.

Other who recently quit: Juliet

Time traveled: YES

Possible reason: When she left the group for that whopping two weeks, her physical connection to the Island was severed. Yeah, I guess.

Protector: Jacob

Time traveled: NO

Possible reason: No one is more tied to the Island than he is. I'll take it.

Anti-protector: Man in Black

Time traveled: ???... he was seen pre-1867 in Christian Shephard's form talking to Locke. He was also seen in 2007 as Christian, Alex, and Locke before the final time flash that merged the timelines. Somehow, he also appeared off the Island to Jack in Christian's form during this time, even though he supposedly can't leave. Whatever. It appears that he is both a yes and a no. And a wtf.

Possible reason: no clue

815er hanging out with the anti-protector: Claire

Time traveled: NO

Possible reason: tied to the MIB, so that's close enough to being tied to the Island. But since it appears that MIB really DID travel at least once, how does that work?

Any ideas, or was it all just "whatever makes the story work?" And if that is the case, can we PLEASE all agree that that's lame???

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