In light of many comments both written in response to last Friday's blog and told to me in person, here is the modified list of the Top SIX Lamest Moments of Season Five:

6. The Burning of the Socks. Many of you disagree and think that their quick dismissal was appropriate, but even you guys didn’t like how it went down. And no matter what, there will still be those of us who wished for more of an actual ending for a large majority of the 47 fuselage survivors.

5. Juliet’s decline. Putting aside her asinine non-Jacob-including divorce flashback, no one seems particularly excited about her uncharacteristic time-altering flip-flop decision because the Island’s resident cute boy didn’t shoot her a look. In addition, even though no one mentioned this, is it really likely that Juliet – who was so riddled with secrets that she was outcast from the camp for half a season and even told Sayid that the admission of her past wrongdoings would lead to her death – could be so clean-slated without atonement? That in the THREE YEARS that she and Sawyer were together – more than nine times the amount of time the Oceanic Six were on the Island – these secrets never came out? Are we suddenly supposed to ignore that the most compelling thing about her character was the duality of having a good guy who worked (or was still working) for the bad guys? And do they ever plan on explaining why all the other Others did not experience the time travels, but Juliet and Locke – one Other on the way out, one survivor on the way in – did? Seriously, we still have questions like these with only 17 hours left in the whole show??

4. Ben’s gunshot copout. Sayid lost his ability to shoot to kill, the bullet moved to the other side of young Ben’s chest, and Richard solved it without explanation and conveniently made him forget the whole thing to account for lack of continuity. Just great.

3. Locke’s conversations with the people who left. With only small dissent, almost everyone agreed that these inaccuracies were disappointing, avoidable, and lazy.

2. Sayid’s letdown. Wow, were people on board with this one! In addition to his aforementioned lack of 12-year-old-murder skill, the lameness of his character has rung out in ever other comment posted here. And what’s crazy is that unlike the subjects of this list’s number one, Sayid was seemingly universally liked at one time by all the people on this post.

And the number one most eye-rolling rolling development of Season Five was and still is:

1. Jack being a pompous chump for Kate, who is (almost) officially the most unlikable character on the show. And oh man do I relish in the Kate hate. I might be even more interested to read about someone trying to defend her… but that’s not the sentiment of this group!

Thanks for playing guys. As always, if I’ve forgotten any, feel free to put me in my place.

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