Don’t get me wrong, season five was amazing. But I’ve gotta point these things out. Let me know if you agree or, even better, strongly disagree.

The Five Lamest Moments of Season Five:

5. Sayid’s senseless character development. Although he has been an intriguing character for the first four seasons (ironically both the badass and the moral center of the show), in season five he was reduced to a character who seems like he doesn’t even want to be on the show anymore. The turning point for Sayid – his realization that working with Ben was a very bad idea, to the point where he’ll shoot him as a child to stop it all – was defined simply as Ben telling him that all of Widmore’s men are dead and that he should “go live his life.” Really? That’s all we got? No huge falling-out? No conspiracy where Ben turns up as Nadia’s real killer? Just Sayid feeling purposeless? It seems that this character only had enough in him for four seasons, so his gunshot to the stomach came 17 episodes too late. Kind of lame.

4. The entire episode “Some Like It Hoth.” Aside from Miles’ conversation with Bram in the van, I challenge you to find one thing that was intriguing, insightful, fun, or not pointless about this episode. Pretty lame.

3. Locke’s conversations with the people who left. Whether it was laziness, hurriedness, or simple lack of thought on the part of the writers, any fan could point out a number of inconsistencies in the way each character described his or her conversation with Bentham/Locke and the way it actually went down in “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham.” One of the most obvious, of course, is that Locke never told Walt that they were all lying, and never gave his fake name. And even the ones he talked to at length would not really be so indoctrinated into this pseudonym that they wouldn’t just refer to him as Locke when speaking to each other. Very avoidable inconsistencies. Lame.

2. The Burning of the Socks. This of course refers to Frogurt and the remaining extras from Flight 815 – often referred to by Darlton as “meat socks” – catching flaming arrows in the dark to allow for their quick and ambiguous elimination. I know the story didn’t center around these people and it was obvious that they weren’t going to play a large role in the remaining two seasons, but to so obviously and systematically eliminate all the characters who never said lines was so amateur that I missed most of the scene because I was rolling my eyes. I always enjoyed when a Scott, a Steve, a Sullivan, an Arzt, or even (dare I say it) a Nikki or a Paulo would come out of the background and contribute to the plot. But in the end the only contributions of these characters was to exist long enough to serve no purpose at all. Everyone on the Island has a purpose though, right?! Very lame.

1. Jack and Kate still getting any screen time together whatsoever. The only way I could care less about these characters is if they existed on a show I’d never heard of. Kate’s Meredith-Grey-like self-absorption and inability to deal with anything without crying and running away make her a hard enough heroine to like. Coupling her with the ever-more-annoying Jack and making us listen to ridiculous explanations about why he was never allowed to ask her about Aaron or how he wants to turn back time so the two of them can have a second chance just makes me wish a flaming arrow would hit one of them. I’d rather watch Nikki and Paulo. The lamest of the lame.

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