In response to the overwhelming hatred of Kate I've seen on this site (which, by the way, still helps me sleep at night), I thought I'd throw out a rough draft of her most infuriating moments and have you guys tell me what really belongs on there.

1. Failing to press the button because she thought she was going crazy

2. Kissing Jack, running away, and taking it back a few days later

3. Trying to stop Jack from saving Charlie (after being hung on the tree) when, as it turns out, he was not beyond saving

4. Being super-secretive to Jack about helping Sawyer to the point that she let it end their relationship

5. Telling Jack he can never ask about Aaron for no good reason, sleeping with him, and then acting like it never happened

6. Taking Aaron because "she needed him"

7. Telling Jack about Naomi when Sayid explicitly asked her not to

8. Leaving her husband because she doesn't do taco night

9. Ignoring Jack, then getting jealous about Juliet, leading her to run straight to Sawyer to make herself feel better

10. Hiding the key to the Haliburton case from Jack (nearly stopping them from obtaining desperately-needed guns) when there was nothing in there she needed to hide from him or anybody else... just a stupid toy plane

What else??

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