With so little time left, I've started to come to terms with my gigantic list of unanswered questions by moving many of them into a category called "As Answered As It's Going to Get." These are questions that the writers intentionally left a little ambiguous, and grouping them this way enables me to stop waiting for more exact answers. Examples include the Temple, the fail-safe key, the secondary protocol, the reason MiB chose Locke, and even What Is The Island (which, crazy as it seems, is likely to be as answered as it will ever be).

So once I tuck these half-solved mysteries away, two categories remain: 1. key questions that will probably be answered (the true mission of the Others, Jacob and MiB's backstory, the Adam and Eve skeletons, why the Island is underwater in the FST, Widmore's true intentions, many more); and 2. questions that have basically been abandoned, with little remorse from the producers.

So here's my list of abandoned questions. I was wondering if you agree that they will most likely not be answered, whether you think they were answered and I just missed it, and whether you're okay with their abandonment.

1. Why did Ben and Eloise consider it so important for the Oceanic 6 to return to the Island? Was Ben really looking out for the survivors’ best interests as he had claimed? What would have been the “God help us all” consequence if the Oceanic 5 had not made it onto Flight 316? Is Ben really as clueless as he now seems since returning, and if so, for what purpose did he think he was bringing everyone back? Why did Ben not know to contact Eloise until Locke told him?

2. Why is Aaron so special? Why did Malkin tell Claire that she must be the one to raise him? What did he see? Why did Charlie have such vivid dreams of Aaron needing to be baptized? Is there a significance to how randomly Claire came up with his name? Why did Charlie posthumously communicate to Hurley that Jack is not supposed to be raising Aaron?

3. What is the source and the result of Walt’s powers? Why did Ben say that they got more than they bargained for with him? What kinds of tests was he being forced to take? Was there a correlation between his powers, the magazine he was reading, and the polar bear who attacked him? How did he appear to Shannon, Sayid, and Locke? Was his being “taller” when he appeared to Locke significant? Why did Walt have dreams of Locke in a suit, surrounded by people who were trying to hurt him?

4. If the Swan station’s sole purpose became protecting the Island from a dangerous electromagnetic buildup after the incident, then what was its original purpose? Why was the computer only to be used to enter the numbers, and how would violating this rule potentially cause another incident? Why was the reel of film explaining this hidden, and who hid it? Was there any unseen result of Michael using the computer to talk to the person claiming to be Walt?

5. Why did a bird screech Hurley’s name at the end of seasons one and two?

6. What happened to the Zodiac raft?

7. What is the answer to the question, “what did one snowman say to the other snowman?” What does knowing this prove? Is this another way to answer the question “are you him?”

8. What are the ruins? Where did they come from? Are they related to the Tawaret statue, or something else?

9. Why did the Others take blood samples of Michael, Jack, Kate, and Sawyer?

10. What is the significance of the volcano mentioned in the Dharma class? Where is it now?

11. What happened to Annie?

12. Why did Desmond see a vision of Claire getting on a helicopter and leaving the Island if this never happened?

13. What was Naomi’s tie to Desmond? Why did she claim to be looking for him? Was this meant to be deceitful, and if so, what did she hope to gain? Does this mean that Charles knew that Desmond was on the Island, and if so, how? Why did Naomi tell the survivors about there being “no survivors” if she knew it was a lie? How did this help her?

14. What is the significance of Juliet’s mark?

15. How does Richard choose the group’s leaders? Why did he groom Ben to be the leader when Ben was obviously not the one they wanted? Why did Richard consider it so significant that Ben could see his dead mother?

16. Why did Juliet and Locke experience the time jumps after Ben turned the frozen wheel, but the rest of the Others (and Claire) did not?

17. Who kept attacking Sayid after he left the Island, and why?

18. What was the significance of the bracelet Naomi and Sayid’s lover both wore? Is this a reference to a connection to Charles Widmore? Is it even the same bracelet?

19. Why was Mrs. Hawking pictured with Brother Campbell?

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