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  • Timbooth24

    I know the answer to this is probably "don't overthink it, you'll just realize it makes no sense," but I can't figure out why certain people time-traveled after Ben turned the wheel and others didn't.

    Joe Schmo Flight 815ers: Sawyer, Jin, Rose, Bernard, Vincent, Frogurt, redshirts

    Time traveled: YES

    Possible reason: no particular tie to the Island or reason not to... I'll buy it.

    Freighter people: Daniel, Miles, Charlotte

    Time traveled: YES

    Possible reason: same as the Joe Schmo 815ers. That's fine.

    Long-time Others: Alpert, Dogen, Lennon, Aldo, redshirts

    Time traveled: NO

    Possible reason: Tied, grounded, or connected to the Island. If it moves in time, they move with it. Sure, why not?

    Flight 815ers-turned-Others: Cindy, Zack, Emma, up to 10 re…

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  • Timbooth24

    For the 40% of us who feel cheated by the ending, vindication is very likely on its way. How can "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone possibly resist the urge to do a spoof of the "Lost" finale? Given their tendency to dissect pop culture and expose hypocrisy, I think they would do an amazing job. Did anyone see their "tribute" to the fourth Indiana Jones flick?

    Here's how I see it going down: it's finale night and everyone in South Park is psyched to see their favorite show wrap up. Promos flash on their TV screens saying things like QUESTIONS! WILL! BE! ANSWERED! and everyone can barely contain their excitement. Then they watch the episode, and as it progresses the happy-triangle smiles of each person's faces don't budge;…

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  • Timbooth24

    You know someone had to do it. I’m sure there will be many more of these lists. Weigh in on any I might’ve missed, or your feelings about any of these. Some were mentioned in a previous blog of mine as having most likely been abandoned, but I’m bringing them back to illustrate just how indifferent the writers were to answering so many of their mysteries.

    Anyone who'd like to respond by lecturing me about how this is a character-based show with a beautiful ending and I don't have the right to want to what know the point of bringing up any of this stuff was, you can save your bullets.

    The biggest unanswered questions of Lost:

    15. What were Widmore’s true intentions? Why was he so intent on finding the Island again? Why was he helping Locke …

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  • Timbooth24

    With so little time left, I've started to come to terms with my gigantic list of unanswered questions by moving many of them into a category called "As Answered As It's Going to Get." These are questions that the writers intentionally left a little ambiguous, and grouping them this way enables me to stop waiting for more exact answers. Examples include the Temple, the fail-safe key, the secondary protocol, the reason MiB chose Locke, and even What Is The Island (which, crazy as it seems, is likely to be as answered as it will ever be).

    So once I tuck these half-solved mysteries away, two categories remain: 1. key questions that will probably be answered (the true mission of the Others, Jacob and MiB's backstory, the Adam and Eve skeletons…

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  • Timbooth24

    A man wakes up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. He can't go back to sleep and knows what he has to do. He puts on his dirtiest clothes, grabs a roller and a bucket of paint, runs outside, and paints his house red. He doesn't stop until the whole house is painted red. In the morning when he's done, he is relieved beyond words. The whole neighborhood wonders why his house changed color overnight, and why it was so important to the man that he paint it at that exact moment. It becomes the big mystery of the neighborhood for months. Then, one night, the man wakes up in a cold sweat once again. He knows what he has to do. He runs outside and paints the house purple. The end.

    If that was the stupidest story you've ever read, …

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