Here's a spot for me to appreciate the role so far of the IlanaFrankBenSun grouping in the show. Such an oddball collection of characters, yet somehow so satisfying and agreeable to the mental tastes.


1. They are a span of the entire show, bredth wise. Every subsection of characters is in this little group: Sun of the 815ers, Ilana of the 316ers, Ben of the Others, and Frank of the Freighters. Dharma could also sort of be represented by Ben, too, although they aren't really important to what's going on in the show right now.

2. They have a mission. Ilana seems to know what she's doing, and everybody seems to be helping her out. When they emerged in the temple, and their faces popped through that door one by one, it was a very cool hero moment. It was very unexpected, but their confidence was reassuring and awesome. But the point is that there're no questions asked. Sure, there's some intrigue about Ilana. But mostly we know what the group's objective is: TAKE DOWN MiB AND DEFEND JACOB'S PEOPLE! And we know what all the individual characters want too: Ilana wants to defend everyone against MiB, Sun wants Jin, Frank wants something to do, and Ben wants to redeem himself. Okay, maybe there are some contrived claims in the evidence of this subpoint, but you can't deny that there's some serious straight-to-business a-mission going on here.

3. They are stealthy. MiB appears not to know of this little resistance that has formed. He DID see Ilana, but did he know that she wasn't just another other with a gun pointed at him? Anyway, he certainly didn't account for their presence at the temple, let alone that sneaky secret passageway. Whenever evil seems to take over completely in a story this far from the end, good usually has it's turning point from somewhere right under evil's nose. That's where these fine fellows come in.

4. It has Frank in it. Everybody knows that Frank is and always has been a badass. There's his super hairy chest, his go-with-the-flow attitude, extensive helicopter experience, and that elusive, indescribable badass quality.

5. No drama. There's no drama going on here. Tossing rings in the ocean? Smashing mirrors? Chasing after urequited love only to realize that you can't have it and then pretending like it's all about the crazy lady whose baby you raised and left with her mother? This gang WON'T HAVE IT!!!!

7: "Weirdest damn funeral I've ever been to". This sort of falls under point 4. But the fact that a situation arose among these guys that allowed for this line is pretty awesome. That was a good line.

8: Each character has a cool perspective. So you can look at it from the collective baddass point of view in points 2, 3, and 5, and the internal individual point of view, which is very multi-layered. From Ilana's angle, we see the function of the group; the dire circumstances that they need to calmly and systematically handle. From Frank's angle, we see the group's place in the present grand island overview. They are in the midst of this immense explosion of events, and yet not really part of it (yet). From Sun's angle we see a very determined need for connection. All she wants to do is be reconnected with her lover, who she hasn't seen since she thought she saw him die. And from Ben's angle we see someone who has been falling from the very very tippy-top of the entire world, and just reached the very very bottom. He is a lost soul, and right now he's just clinging on to what he can.

So that's that. They are awesome. And I have a little feeling that the next episode is gonna be about them...

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