Jack is absolutely icredible this season. I think that while the best thing of the season 1-5 story arc is the teeter-totter of Jack's fall into a lost soul and Sawyer's rise to a respectable leader, it is nice to have season 1 Jack back again. It seems like the roles have reversed again. Isn't it odd that Kate always seems to go for the most miserable one? Anway, I made this blog to tell you about the thing about this episode that moved me the most...and that was Sayid's complete trust in Jack. I can't remember the exact quote, but I remember a Sayid line from season 1 that made it extremely clear that he did not trust anybody but himself, and now, in the temple, he basically lets Jack make the decision for him in terms of whether or not he should take that pill. After all they have been through, he now puts himself at Jack's mercy without hesitation. I thought that was extremely moving. It just feels like all these guys are a team again...they've had a lot of rivalries and secrets and backstabbings since they found the hatch... and now they're united.

One thing that disappointed me about the episode was Claire. Not alt timeline Claire...she was very sweet...but the Rousseau Claire. I know that we haven't seen the whole story yet, but just think of all the wonderfully imaginative, dark, mysterious, evil places they could have put her in...but instead they just stick her in Rousseau's spot. I hope I'm totally wrong and the Rousseau stuff is incidental and that we find out a billion other things about Situation Claire next episode, but for now I'm sort of anticipating that this storyline won't be all it can be.

The last thing I have to do is respond to everyone on this site saying "I hate Kate" or "I hate Jack" or hating any other character. The thing is, this show isn't a drama anymore - it's a mythology now. We had the first three seasons where you could make your trivial character judgements, but it's about time that you should start appreciating these characters. In a mythology, the characters are treated more as figures than personalities, and Kate and Jack and every other character are central figures to this mythology. Trying to hate them will just severely cripple your understanding and appreciation of the big picture once it presents itself in full.

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