I would, in light of the What They Died For, like offer some interpretations about the resolution of the pregnancy issue. I don't know if the writers intended for Jacob's line "because you're a mother" to resolve this or not, but I know that the pregnancy mystery was one that many felt needed to be resolved or expanded upon, and I think this line offers an interpretable resolution to this.


1. Jacob did not wand his candidates for replacement to be mothers, for whatever reason (probably because he did not want there to be another situation similar to his inheritance of the protectorship of the light, or he didn't want the next protector to end up like his adopted mother), and therefor used his powers, at a certain point, to make it so that pregnant women died before giving birth, so ultimately the women he brought there would have a fear of getting pregnant.


2. As we have seen, once the island is "done" with someone, they die off, often rather quickly. Jacob's candidates obviously have protection from being "done" with by virtue of their candidacy, though Jacob has made it clear that once someone becomes a mother (or perhaps merely a parent), he crosses their name off the list. While he admits in What They Died For that the list he made has no inherent power and is "just a list", the fact that they have lost their candidacy in Jacob's mind likely loses them this protection; the island has no further use for them, and, therefore, they die. This idea would also explain why Claire, Rousseau, and Ethan's mothers were able to give birth; even though this apparantly lost them their candidacy (those of them who had it), they were still to have a powerful effect on the island, its inhabitants, and their destiny.

The producers maintain that the show is intentionally interpretable, an idea that I have taken to heart on several "unresolved" matters, including this one. My personal pregnancy resolution, therefore, lies in a mix of these two ideas. I wanted to post the blog to offer the interpretation to others who might also be satisfied by it, or at least be inspired by the idea.

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