We all know about the CONCEPT that the FST "split apart" from the OT at some point, whether or not we all agree with it and whether or not it ends up being true. This blog assumes this is true, and it also does NOT claim to be a genuine theory or the intended subject of constructive's just a cool idea I had.

What if events in the FST lead to another reality to "split apart"? What if an event in the past was changed that led to an alternate set of events - alternate to the alternate, that is. What if THIS alternate reality ended up being the OT? And the OT would eventually lead to the FST, which would lead again to the OT. Reality would be exactly like Richard and Locke's compass. Everything leading up to 1954, the first time the Losties enter the scheme in the OT, would be the same, yet after this would be a neverending cycle of these two realities which continually exist because they continuously re-create one another.

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