In the end, who do you think will be on who's side?

I think this is pretty certain:

Jacob: Jack, Ilana, Sun, Frank, Miles, Ben, Richard, Hurley.

MiB: Sayid, Claire, many Others

But what about all these (seemingly) neutral people? Desmond, Sawyer, Kate, Jin? Widmore?

I think Desmond could easily go either way. I know he's a good guy, and it would be sad to see that character turn all "dark", but since we haven't even seen him yet in the OT and since these teams seem very unpredictable, there's many potentialities for Desmond at this point.

Sawyer: MiB. I know that he's an awesome character, and I think the next best thing would be for him to remain neutral, but from a storytelling standpoint, if you're gonna divide your main characters into these two teams, you gotta have an even balance in the end, right? You have to have just as many heroes triumphantly choosing Jacob as tragically succumbing to MiB.

Kate: MiB. Same reason as Sawyer.

Jin: MiB. Okay, hear me out here. Thus far, these two characters (Jin and Sun) are JUST trying to get back to eachother. They've been separated in space and time and now their finally (almost) in the same place. Wouldn't it be a tragic (yet deeply moving and powerful) moment if they, upon meeting eachother, realized they were now separated by Jacob and MiB? What if Jin got "infected"? I think that this would dissapoint a lot of people, however I believe it would set up a very dark climax (with hopefully a happy ending) and make room for some great acting by our Korean buddies and some great writing.

Widmore: Jacob. He wants to kill MiB, and MiB wants to kill him. And plus he has a nice sub full of people to balance out all the Others that MiB has in tow.

What do you think the final tally will be for Jacob and MiB? Please explain, don't just give lists.

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