1. Desmond gets all out of whack

2. Desmond finds his Constant and gets all better!

3. Faraday writes "if anything happens, Desmond will be MY constant" or something like that.

4. Time gets all out of whack

6. Desmond finds his Constant and slips between dimensions!!!

5. Wait, but first, Daniel Widmore found DESMOND and figured out the whole thing!


Seriously, I just kinda felt like posting a blog. Faraday/Widmore never went through electromagnetic torture exprimentation, he never blowed up in a hatch, and the producers never called him very very special.


The producers WILL be looking for a way (if they had not already concieved of one) to payoff that infamous mystery-intrigue-notebook Constant cap-off. Won't they? I mean, who cares if Desmond is Faraday's constant unless EVERYTHING IN THIS BLOG IS TRUE!!!!!!

Oh wait, I haven't even said anything yet. When I said BOOM you were supposed to think "Oh my gosh golly, when Desmond taked to Faraday in the FST, FARADAY MUST HAVE HAD SOME TRANSDIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCE TOOOO! Because he is his CONSTANT!!!" and I just sort of assumed you did say that. But now I said it, so you didn't even have to. Joke's on you, my friend.

On a side note...I tried an experiment of my own today. I decided, for one time only (and it was a difficult, difficult decision), to read EVERY spoiler I could find on the internet for Everybody Loves Hugo. Just to see what it's like to be a spoiler junkie. Just to have the experience, because I want to have the WHOLE Lost experience, spoilers and all. But I won't be doing it again. Because now I feel all dirty inside. It's eating away at me, man! Reading spoilers is like trying to cuddle a fetus. It's best to wait.

So...that's the moral.

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