The numbers? They're finished.

Listen, there's been some postulation that there's still some numbers-related enlightenment to occur on the show, but I don't think there is. The numbers are important to the show in the respect that they continuously manifest in the lives of our heroes (and villians). But beyond that, they are a mystery. To further explain my point, here's a chronology of the numbers.

1. From the beginning of time (or at least humanity), the universe has been set on a course such that if a human were to try and mathematically predict the end of their species, important variables in the resultant equation would take the values 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42.

2. Enzo Valenzetti formulated this equation

3. The Dharma initiative began trying to change these variables so as to further the lifespan of humanity, and broadcasted them from the island.

4. The numbers continuously manifested themselves throughout the lives of the people who would eventually crash on the island

5. One of these manfestations is that the last six of Jacob's candidates corresponded to one of the six numbers

It is, to me, extremely important that these are not Jacob's numbers, as many people have come to believe, or that the cave/lighthouse scenes are somehow explanations or backstories to the numbers. They are merely further manifestations. They are very important manifestations, but there's absolutely NO reason to assume that Jacob ever had a hand in choosing THESE numbers.

To put it all in perspective, Hurley's lottery numbers, the hatch code, the last six cave candidates, Jack's seat number, Kate's reward money, and all other manifestations of the numbers we have seen in the show are just that: MANIFESTATIONS. To try and say, "Why do these numbers keep appearing in these people's lives?" would be like saying "Why to these people keep running into eachother?" There is no answer...we are not SUPPOSED to know.

I hope I said everything I wanted to say, which is basically to point out that the numbers have been, in certain facets of the fan community, skewed out of proportion, and to try and set reasonable expectations for what the numbers will "mean" in the end.

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