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January 29, 2010
  • Tim Suchecki

    A Lost "Tale of Years"

    January 15, 2011 by Tim Suchecki

    I used to blog on this site a lot, but I have no experience creating pages. So I thought I'd run this idea by what's left of you guys. You know how Appendix B of The Lord of the Rings has a chronology of important events (Tolkien calls it a "Tale of Years") that starts long before the story and ends a little while after it? Well I sort of tried doing that for Lost on my own; just setting up the important plot events in order. But I don't think I could ever do all that on my own. So should there be a page on here that does this? Maybe called "Lost Chronology" or something? I would give the remaining Lospedians on here something to do, and I think it could be a valuable resource, whether you want to see and island perspective of when …

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  • Tim Suchecki

    When I watched The End for the first time, I had an immediate understanding of the show that worked beautifully for me and still remains my interpretation of it. I say this because to give an "interpretation" of something that is meant to be interpretable seems to imply some sort of pre-meditation or devising on my part, but this interpretation is my UNDERSTANDING of the end of Lost, in that it occured to me, or in me, in the moment of the show; it was not an afterthought of me trying to work it out later.

    In another disclaimer, I would like to add that I have no idea if this interpretation, by the general standards of Lostpedians, is obvious or crazy or somewhere in between. At first I thought it was obvious, but when I commented on the …

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  • Tim Suchecki


    May 19, 2010 by Tim Suchecki

    I would, in light of the What They Died For, like offer some interpretations about the resolution of the pregnancy issue. I don't know if the writers intended for Jacob's line "because you're a mother" to resolve this or not, but I know that the pregnancy mystery was one that many felt needed to be resolved or expanded upon, and I think this line offers an interpretable resolution to this.


    1. Jacob did not wand his candidates for replacement to be mothers, for whatever reason (probably because he did not want there to be another situation similar to his inheritance of the protectorship of the light, or he didn't want the next protector to end up like his adopted mother), and therefor used his powers, at a certain point, to make it…

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  • Tim Suchecki

    Across the Sea explained everything I wanted to know and more.

    I was not very excited about the episode at first because I thought they would do what everyone expected them to do: make it an hour of references and connective threads and revelations. I was incredibly thankful when it was a story; almost like a fairy tale. It is so much more important to see the STORY of Jacob and MiB than to cram a bunch of contrived reverences and explanations of the things we have already seen.

    I also liked that they didn't have Jacob and MiB be the first people on the island; that Mother was there before; a crazy lady who was the self-appointed guardian of the mysterious Source. That was so awesome. Many people are complaining about how they don't know…

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  • Tim Suchecki

    I loved the episode because of how much they DIDN'T say. They could have gone on and on and on with references to things we already know, but they chose to make Jacob and MiB's background a story in itself, not just a series of connective threads.

    The thing I first considered when I saw that pool with the light coming from it was that that was the spring that the temple would eventually be built above, but obviously it turned out quite different.

    Something I'm wondering about is if Jacob actually caused the "darkness" that he talked about to Richard in Ab Aeterno. It seems the island was once a beacon of light, but, by sending his brother in there, he made it a cork for the darkness, a darkness that his twin brother now personifies. I sen…

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