I don't know about you, but I'm hoping for a Lost movie in the future. I think there's room for the story to continue, don't you? We all know about the unanswered questions, the mystery of the island's origin, and the Statue in pre-Jacob times. Would you want an older Walt to come back? Is Charles Widmore truly dead? I thought Ben couldn't kill him? What about that Hanso guy? Is MIB dead? Didn't you expect (hope?) his body would be missing when Sawyer looked over the ledge? The island must have been visible to the outside world when Desmond pulled the plug. Were the tremors recorded by the outside world? Maybe the Island isn't finished with us yet.

My pitch for a spin-off: Premiere episode. Close up of Ben's eye opening. He races through the jungle to ... the lighthouse! Frantically he climbs the stairs to the top and scans the horizon. A large bell now hangs where the mirrors were. Ben grabs a rope and rings the bell with fervor. "Da plane, da plane!" Cut to Hurley at the sub docks. He is dressed in a crisp white suit, gazing down at a sea plane now landing in the ocean. Ben joins him; he is similarly dressed. A group of recognizable "this week's" guest star actors disembark (Ted Danson, Betty White, etc). Ben:"What do you think they want, Boss?" Hurley:"Happiness, Ta-Two, happiness." I haven't thought of a title yet.

OK. Balls in your court. Any movie or spin-off ideas? Lighten up and have fun with it.

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