Thos245 May 25, 2010 User blog:Thos245

Imagine my dismay when I was Blocked from posting comments for the past 3 weeks. This wasn't supposed to happen! I had so many theories to share with you, but apparently since I had to renew my password I was put in lock down. Dude! Sure, maybe my theory that Vincent had become the leader of a band of Others' polar bears was far fetched, but it was just as good as many of your ideas! Don't tell me what I can't do!

Anyways, one nugget I've been holding on to for weeks is this: the Kwon candidate listed on the wall was meant to be Jin and not Sun. The reason I say this is that Sun did not flash back to Dharma with Kate, Jack, Sayid, and Hurley - all Candidates. Jin did flash through time and proved difficult to kill in exploding boats with the notable exception of one.

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