I’m new to Lostpedia and I’m not sure if anyone has posted a theory such as this before. If they have, my apologies. I believe that the Jughead did something, maybe not what it was theorized to do, but it had an effect. Even if it means that the losties were sent back to their own time. I think the next season’s flashbacks/forwards should actually be flashsideways’. A ‘what if’ the losties never crashed on the island, or perhaps the detonation of Jughead created two different realities. The main story would still be all of them on the island, but the flashes are them going about their various lives which will inevitably run into one another’s. I think this would work perfectly instead of throwing out the potential of seeing the losties board the plane that doesn’t crash. The last season could also employ this as a means to have two separate endings. This could even mean that they have flashes of where they are in the world in the other reality. Almost like Desmond being unstuck in time. They go in and out of their other selves, having visions of the other realities. Maybe that last part is going a little too far, but I think letting the fans see two story lines with the same characters running in parallel would wrap up the show nicely for fans.

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