Dear All,

First of all, I would like to thank the producers for keeping us addicted to this such a wonderfull show. While we are closing to end I, however, am bit disappointed in Across The Sea. It is something like when you get used to the course of event, things aint getting surprise you anymore. It is exactly the same when I first see the pregnant lady on the beach. Later on, I wait for the real name when the second baby arrive. but still no clue. I think this guy has no name at all.

I get my hopes up when I see only MIB and Jacob are in the cast and others in the credits. But the show is end up with a nice connection to season 1 and not giving away much mystery.

Where is Jacob's power coming from ( I mean evertyhing, how he can push those people into the island, how numbers are lucky to win lottery, how Micheal did not die when the gun was shot...etc)? What is Cabin's function? Rules are tacit rules or have to be obliged to? Instead we learned who is the mysterious boy in the jungle, who are the two dead bodies in the cave and immortality is lying under the glass of so-call wine. And now we have more questions like how is their fake mother called by the island and understand that she has to protect the light.

I know everyone has questions, maybe the only thing they had planned up from the beginning was the two dead bodies and they showed us. But nothing in this episode did surprise me at all. I waited for something special. I hope finale would be something extraordinary...

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