“Very good!” Pebbles said, “its all settled then. Clementine, welcome aboard!”

“Thank you!” Clementine replied.

“Hmmmm,” Ford mumbled.

“Okay,” Pebbles began, “we’ll all meet back here at eight tomorrow morning. Then we’ll start working out the details and Clementine, you’ll start your training!”

Clementine smiled.

“Okay, lets go, Veronica Mars,” Ford said to Clementine, “I’m taking you to school right now. Then, I’ll pick you up in the morning!”

“Lets go out for lunch first!” Clementine said, in an attempt to stall for as long as she could from heading to school.

“No, you’re going now!” Ford sternly answered.

“Uh, if I may,” Pebbles interrupted, “I’d like, if its okay with you James, to take Clementine with me and get her some outfits for our venture. Again, if its alright with you, of course!”

Ford frowned.

“That sounds like fun!” Clementine said, “please! Please!! Pleeaasse!!!”

“Okay, what the hell!” Ford replied, “looks like I’m outnumbered and don’t have any say so around here anyway! Go ahead!”

Clementine, Pebbles, and Bam, all nodded their heads in approval. Ford held his head down, once again, in frustration!

So, as Ford left the Suite and headed to the lobby bar, for what he figured was a well deserved drink, and Bam remained in the room to go over some more of the planning, Pebbles and Clementine left to do some shopping!

As they crossed the lobby, they ran into the director of the earlier fashion show.

“I had to pull some strings to get you your cash,” the director said to Clementine, “but here’s your payment for ‘modeling services rendered’!”

She handed her $200. Clementine immediately placed the bills in her jeans pocket.

“Thanks,” Clementine said.

“And here’s your sneakers!” the director said, handing the shoes to Clementine, who quickly put them back on.

The director glanced over to the elegantly dressed Pebbles.

“I suppose you’re taking her to New York now!” the director lamented.

Pebbles, not knowing exactly what was going on, went along anyway.

“Yes,” she answered, “we’re headed to the airport!”

The director nodded, then turned back to Clementine.

“Well, good luck, Miley,” she said, “I’m sure you’ll be very successful in New York!”

“Thank you,” Clementine replied, “I’ll always remember that you gave me my start!”

The Fashion director smiled, shrugged, then walked away.

Clementine and Pebbles exited the lobby.

They headed up the boulevard, passing some very chic shops along the way. Clementine noticed all the really nice and really expensive dresses and gowns on display in the windows.

“Are we shopping for something like that?” Clementine asked.

“Not today!” Pebbles answered.

They continued for several blocks until they came upon a specialty store.

“Here we are!” Pebbles said, coming to a stop. Clementine glanced up at the shop’s display window but instead of seeing elegant gowns and fashionable dresses, she saw Spider Man costumes, X-Men clothing, and a mannequin wearing Storm Trooper get up from the Star Wars movies!

“What’s this place?!” Clementine asked.

“Our first stop!” Pebbles replied, “it’s a costume shop!”

“But why are we stopping here?” Clementine confusingly asked.

“Because,” Pebbles answered, “you and I are going to get outfitted for our first convention we’re going to hit in a few days!”

Clementine was still confused, as Pebbles took her on into the shop.

“You see, sweetie,” Pebbles explained, “our first convention is going to be a comic book convention scheduled to start this Thursday! A wire mob always tries to blend into its environment, so as to not stand out and attract any unnecessary attention. So thus, you and I are going in costume! And I’ve got a great idea for who we both can go as!”

Clementine looked the costume shop over. She immediately thought, ‘Great! I was hoping to be able to dress up like a diva! Instead, I’m gonna look like a geek!’

Next: Chap. 9 “Field Trip”

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