James Ford, sitting near the edge of the stage, frowned and motioned to his daughter, Clementine Phillips!

Clementine knew it wasn’t a motion of support, but more like a “get your butt down off that stage right now!”

However, she was caught up in the moment and froze. The announcer continued on.

“And let’s now welcome the gorgeous Tiffany, wearing a loose formal wear that screams casual Friday!”

Clementine suddenly snapped out of her daze and realized another model was headed her way!

“Thank you, Miley!” the announcer said, not so subtly letting Clementine know to get the hell off the stage right now!

Clementine was stumped! Should she turn around and try to walk back in the ridiculously high heels she was wearing and risk tumbling off the stage, or should she just stand there? She immediately thought of a third option.

She took off the heels, then jumped right off the stage, landing, feet first, upon some cushions that had been placed down to protect the conference room floor! She then immediately ran over to where her father was sitting! Everyone in the crowd laughed. Some applauded. The announcer was so confused, he lost his place in his script and the Fashion director was furious!

Ford wasn’t too happy himself!

“You sit yourself down here right now, little miss!” he angrily said.

Clementine said nothing and immediately sat!

The show continued on but the Fashion director quickly came over to their table.

“What is wrong with you?!” she said to Clementine, “you act like you’ve never modeled before!”

“I’m sorry,” Clementine innocently replied, “but I skipped breakfast this morning to try and get here on time and I guess I was so weak from hunger, I just got all mixed up!”

The Fashion director frowned, “Well, I’m calling your agency! I’m telling them to never send you to another one of my shows!”

“I apologize,” Clementine replied, smiling another one of those extra charming smiles.

“Well, okay,” the Fashion director replied, “but you need to give back the dress you’re wearing!”

“Uh, may I interject?” James Ford said, “my name is LeFleur Ford of the Ford Modeling Agency. We’re the largest modeling agency in the world!”

“Uh, y..yes, Mr. Ford!” the Fashion director stammered.

“I like this young lady’s style,” Ford continued, “she’s spontaneous and spunky! You heard the laughter from the crowd. I think she really spiked up the energy in here. Enough to get some of these people to maybe purchase these fashions and hire you to do more shows!”

“Well, yes, Mr. Ford..” the Fashion director nervously replied, “I really hope you’re right!”

In fact,” Ford continued, “I like this little one so much, I’m going to offer her a modeling contract right here. Right now! She’ll leave for New York later this morning!”

The Fashion director was stunned.

“Here’s your dress!” Clementine replied, handing her the gown, “uh, could you pay me before I leave for New York?”

The Fashion director took the gown.

“Uh, yes,” she confusedly said, “I’ll get you your check right now!”

“I’d prefer cash!” Clementine replied.

“I’ll see what I can do!” the Fashion director said, as she walked way

Ford called after, “You had better pay her top dollar like I’m going to!”

“And please don’t forget to give me back my sneakers!” Clementine called out.

Turning back to Ford, Clementine exclaimed, “that was sooo cool!!!!”

“No!!!! That was sooo idiotic for you to get up on that stage and attract sooo much attention!” Ford angrily replied, “you come with me right now! I want to talk to you in the lobby!”

With that said, Ford quickly got up and headed towards the conference room’s exit. Clementine followed. She figured her dad wasn’t going to brag about her short-lived modeling career anytime soon!

Next: Chap. 6 “Potential for Trouble”

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