The restaurant was busier than normal for a weekday night. Three teen girls sat in a booth nearby the exit. Two of the three had finished their salads. The third just nibbled at hers.

“Aren’t you hungry tonight, Clem?” Dark hair asked.

“No, not really,” Clementine Phillips softly replied.

“Well, if you don’t want your salad,” Red head said, “I’ll take it!”

“Go ahead,” Clementine said, pushing the bowl over to Red.

“We gonna dine and dash tonight?” Dark hair whispered.

“No, not tonight,” Clementine answered.

“So, what do you wanna do next?” Red head asked, eating the salad.

“Nothing,” Clementine answered, “I’m going to go over to the library and check up on something!”

“Library?!” Dark hair giggled, “so are you like getting all intellectually on us?”

“No,” Clementine replied, “just something I have to do!”

So they all finished up, paid the check, and left.

Dark hair and Red head said their goodbyes to Clementine, as she headed over to the library.

There, she used the computer to try to find out where the Feds had ended up taking her father. But she couldn’t find anything out about the arrest. It was as if it never happened. As if her father never even existed!

Pebbles had promised Clementine that she would try to find out more about her father’s whereabouts, after she and Bam had quickly dropped her off at home that night. But Clementine knew it wouldn’t be anytime soon, if ever at all, because Pebbles and Bam were already long gone!

So she logged off the Federal website and logged into her bank’s website to check on her account, just to see if her money was still all there. It was.

Although, she had grown emotionally attached to her father, during these last few days, she had never trusted him and she never would. So she decided, after she verified that an account did exist under her name, to be on the safe side and take steps to assure that no one could ever get into her account. No one! Especially her father!

She would, however, still find herself tearing up whenever she thought of the last memory she had of him, standing on that curb smiling at her. But she also remembered what Pebbles had told her, on the long ride home that evening.

“We all know the risks,” Pebbles had said, “and in this business, you have to accept those risks every single day of your life. If you don’t, then you don’t belong! Besides, it makes what we do that much more interesting and a million times more exciting than what anyone else, who works a “normal” job, would ever experience!”

So even though Clementine didn’t trust her father, she would still miss him, as she would also miss Pebbles and Bam. Because, for an all too brief moment in her young life, they were her friends and family. 'And besides', Clementine thought, 'I had one hell of a good time!'

So she next logged into the library’s book database. There, she noted a couple of books she was going to check out. One was, “The Encyclopedia of Con Games and Capers” and the other, “The Art of Safecracking.”

Clementine Phillips had made a career decision and she now had some serious studying to catch up on!

The End.

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