They continued on. Snatching a wallet here. Nabbing some cash there. They added up their take. $4200, so far, all in cash. Pebbles handed the take over to Ford, who placed it in a special money belt he wore.

“Not bad for four hours work!” Ford noted. They decided to take a break.

So, as Pebbles went to the ladies room and Ford and Bam went to get them all some snacks, Clementine stood off to the side by herself. She was lost in thought, thinking about how much fun all of this really was! Suddenly, her train of thought was interrupted!

“So, who are you supposed to be?!” a raspy like voice said.

Clementine turned to gaze up at a tall, young guy, dressed in some type of black plastic suit. He wore a long black cape and had a black helmet like thing on his head and a black oxygen mask like thing over his face. As he spoke through the mask, it sounded like someone having an asthmatic attack magnified ten fold!

“Uh, Gabrielle, of Xena the Warrior Princess,” Clementine answered.

“Oh!” Asthmatic gasped, “say, do you like my costume? I made it myself. Guess who I am!”

“Uh, someone with way too much free time on his hands?!” Clementine replied.

“Oh, c’mon!” Asthmatic wheezed, through his mask, “don’t you know who I’m supposed to be?!”

Clementine nodded no.

“I’m Lord Darth Vader!” Darth Vader proudly announced.

Clementine just shrugged her shoulders.

“You, know,” Vader continued, “from the Star Wars saga!”

“Oh, yeah!” Clementine replied.

Darth Vader then pointed to his chest, where various control knobs looked like they had been glued on to a plywood pod.

“Do you know what this button does?” Darth asked.

“Uh, calls your parents and tells them to come and pick you up?” Clementine replied.

“Say, you know what?” Vader said, “I like you!”

Just then Clementine noticed that Ford and Bam were returning with the snacks. They also both noticed Clementine now had company. Clementine caught their eyes, with a roll of her own. Bam then went into action!

“Dude, that’s an awesome costume!” he said, coming up to Vader.

“Uh, thanks, man,” Vader turned and replied, “I made it all myself!”

“Well, its just awesome!” Bam repeated, “the cape feels so silky and smooth!” Bam ran his hand along the edge of the cape.

“Yeah,” Vader said, “I made it by cutting up my high school graduation gown!”

“Well, its really cool!” Bam replied.

Just then, Ford came walking up with a no nonsense look on his face!

“Okay, for the safety of the crowd, we can’t have any loitering along the hallways, okay guys?!” Ford said, with as serious a tone as he could.

“Yes, sir!” Vader replied, but as he turned to ask Clementine if she would like to go with him to get a soda, Clementine had already wandered off with Bam.

“Go on, now!” Ford gently commanded.

Vader shrugged, then moved on.

Meanwhile, Bam handed Clementine a soft drink and a candy bar.

“Oh, an Apollo Bar!” Clementine grinned, “my favorite!”

“Here’s something else for you,” Bam said, giving Clementine $50 in cash.

“What’s this for?” Clementine asked, with a look of puzzlement on her face.

“Its for putting up with Darth, just now,” Bam answered, “its what I snatched from his back pocket when I checked out his cape!”

“Cool!” Clementine replied, taking the cash and putting it under her sword belt. She thought it kind of neat that Bam had just pick pocketed the “evil” Darth Vader!

Ford came walking up, “Lord of the dark side, my ass!” Ford stated, “that guy wouldn’t know the difference between a Wookie and an Ewok!”

Pebbles quickly came over.

“I think we should call it a day!” she said.

“Why?” Ford replied, “I’m good for at least a couple more hours! This is easy. Its like taking Kryptonite from a Super baby!”

“Yeah,” Pebbles continued, “but when I was leaving the restroom, two women came in. They didn’t recognize me because of my costume, but I knew one of them. She used to work vice out of Denver! So, I don’t want to take any chances!”

Ford nodded. “Yeah, in that case, lets go!”

Clementine and Bam glanced at each other and shrugged. But if both Pebbles and Ford said it was time to go. Well, it was time to go!

As they headed towards the exit, they passed Green Lantern and The Flash, who were now standing over by a display table.

Green Lantern was looking through his shoulder bag.

Clementine could overhear their conversation, as she wandered by.

“Are you sure you didn’t just forget and leave your cash at home?” Flash asked, still holding his sore finger.

“No,” Green Lantern replied, “I swear I had it with me! Damn! I hope I didn’t loose it!”

“Yeah, man!” Flash replied, “that would really suck, considering you worked all that overtime at Mr. Clucks to save up for this convention!”

Clementine noticed that Bam had wandered off and for a few moments lingered around the display table, standing just behind the Flash. Then he quickly rejoined the group, as they exited the arena.

They walked across the parking lot to where Pebbles car was parked. Bam came up to Clementine and handed her a cell phone.

“What’s this for?” she asked.

“Thought you might like some pictures as a souvenir,” Bam answered.

Clementine glanced at the phone’s screen and saw a picture of her standing next to the skinny Flash, who had a look of intense pain on his face. Bam had obviously lifted the Flash’s phone!

“How’d you get this?!” she asked, giggling.

“The Flash was so busying talking to Green Lantern about the ‘lost’ money,” Bam smiled, “he forgot that he had set his cell phone down on the table. I noticed and wandered over. Both those ‘super heroes’ are just not having a good day!”

“That’s fer sure!” Clementine replied.

Next: Chap. 22 “The Next Gig”

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