As Clementine Phillips and Pebbles continued to stroll along, two guys dressed as the Green Lantern and the Flash approached. Clementine noted that the guy dressed as the Flash, was so skinny his red costume drooped, while the Green Lantern was so “chubby”, the lantern on his chest looked more like a searchlight!

“Hey!” Green Lantern called out, “its Xena and Gabrielle! Can I get my picture taken with you guys!”

“Yeah, sure!” Pebbles replied, glancing over to Bam, who stood off to the side. Bam nodded, took his handkerchief, wiped his mouth, and then put it into his right side jacket pocket.

That signaled to Ford, who was strolling along close by, that Green Lantern’s money was in a small side bag he carried over his right shoulder.

So, as the Flash took a cell phone camera and snapped a couple of pictures of Green Lantern, standing between Pebbles and Clementine, Ford wandered up and ‘brushed’ up against the Green Lantern’s “man purse”! Ford quickly slipped, in one swift move, the Lantern's cash into Pebbles newspaper. Ford then wandered on.

"Now its my turn,” Flash cried out, “but I want my picture taken only with Gabrielle!”

Pebbles nodded and stepped away. Clementine slightly rolled her eyes but kept smiling. Pebbles glanced at Bam, who nodded no. Indicating to her and Ford, who was casually strolling back, that the Flash didn’t carry any wallet or money on him and so wasn’t a mark.

So the Flash took his place next to Clementine, as the Green Lantern took a couple more pictures.

Clementine smiled, until Flash got frisky and placed his hand a little too low on her hip. She instinctively reached down, grabbed his index finger, and twisted it ever so slightly up and out!

Flash grimaced in pain, just as Green Lantern snapped the last picture.

“Thanks, guys,” Clementine said, as she walked away “hope that last picture turns out okay!”

Green Lantern waved while the Flash held onto a very sore finger!

Next: Chap. 21 “Chatting with Darth”

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