Clementine Phillips thought that her and Pebbles were really going to stand out at the comic book convention, as the only two wearing costumes. She soon realized she was very mistaken!

Over half the attendees were in costume, in one way or another. Some of the costumes she recognized, most she didn’t. At first, she thought everybody was dressed up funny, but she soon realized that some were actually wearing their normal everyday get up!

The convention was being held at a downtown sports arena. The main area was a wide hall that circled the entire arena. Booths were set up on both sides, all along the hallways. Vendors were selling t-shirts, toys, posters, and all kinds of paraphernalia, all related to comic book characters and superheroes.

Collectors were set up to buy, sell, and/or trade, collectible comics, graphic novels, magnas, books, and autographed pictures of actors, who had appeared in some comic book-inspired movie or TV series, as well as a variety of special edition comics personally signed by the authors, illustrators, and inkers.

James Ford and Bam wandered on down the hall. A few steps behind, Clementine and Pebbles, dressed as Xena, the Warrior Princess and her faithful companion, Gabrielle, strolled along.

“Looking at some of these guys,” Clementine whispered to Pebbles, “I wouldn’t think they’d have any money at all!”

“You’d be wrong,” Pebbles whispered back, “they’ve got cash and they’ll spend it! That’s why we’ve got to work fast!”

Clementine, Pebbles, and Ford, kept on moving, all the while keeping an eye on Bam up ahead, as he scouted the crowd looking for their first mark.

Bam suddenly spotted him! He nodded towards a young, skinny guy, wearing a Captain America hoodie.

Bam took out his handkerchief, wiped his brow, then placed the handkerchief in his back right jeans pocket, signaling that Captain America carried his wallet in his back, right pants pocket!

Pebbles glanced at Clementine and slightly nodded. Clementine realized it was now show time and sprang into action. She took a deep breath and moved towards Captain America!

She outpaced the Captain, as he slowly strolled along, his attention captivated by the variety of vendors.

As Clementine got just in front of him, she suddenly stopped, to feign a look at a nearby booth. Captain America immediately ‘bumped’ right into her!

“Oh, excuse me!” Clementine turned and sweetly smiled. She noticed over Captain America’s shoulder, her father approaching.

“Uh, its alright!” the Captain nervously replied. He seemed momentarily distracted by suddenly discovering that “Gabrielle” was now standing right in front of him!

Ford casually brushed by the Captain, as Clementine smiled once more. Captain America goofily grinned back, as she then wandered away.

Ford took two steps and quickly dropped Captain America’s wallet into the folded paper that Pebbles held in her hand!

Pebbles then wandered quickly over to a nearby trash bin and disposed of the wallet, minus the $200 inside!

One down. Many more to go!

Clementine didn’t even know, at first, whether they had been successful or not!

Ford had worked so fast and natural, she thought that maybe he hadn’t even gotten the wallet, but when Pebbles rejoined her, and quickly showed her the cash in hand, Clementine suddenly felt the rush of success!

They all moved on. However, they didn’t have to chase down their next marks. They came right to them!

Next: Chap. 20 “Green Lantern and The Flash”

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