Bam slowly pulled up and stopped in front of Clementine Phillips’s house.

“Thanks, Bam,” she said, “I had a good time today!” ‘Oh my God!’ she thought, ‘I sound like we were out on a date! I’m such a dweeb!’

“Yeah, it was fun!” Bam replied, “you did a great job. You’re a quick learner! You shouldn’t have any problems. At least any that I can see!”

“Thanks,” Clementine said.

She wasn’t sure if it was because she was so tired, or because it was so late, but she felt like she was leaning in close to Bam and he was leaning in close towards her. ‘Was a kiss inevitable?’ she groggily wondered, then she wondered no more when suddenly, she heard a most recognizable voice. Her mom’s!

“Clementine!!!” Cassidy Phillips yelled, “where in the hell have you been?!!! I’ve been worried sick about you!!!”

Clementine immediately jumped out of the car!

“Sorry, mom!” she quickly said, “but the bus got back late from the trip to the museum, so I bummed a ride from Bam!”

“Bam?” Cassidy wondered.

“Yes, ma’am,” Bam said, stepping out of the car, “my name is Bambert. I go to school with Clem! It was my fault she’s so late! Like she said, the bus was late, so I offered her a ride! We were both hungry, so I talked her into stopping at a McDonalds. Guess we both lost track of the time! I’m really sorry!”

Cassidy gave Bam the suspicious once over.

“Well, you could of called me on your cell, Clem!” Cassidy said, “I tried to call and text you several times but apparently you had your phone shut off! And I tried to call the school but the office was already closed!”

“Again, I’m so sorry,” Clementine replied, “I just lost all track!”

“Well, go on in,” Cassidy said, “if you’re still hungry, I’ve got dinner warming up in the oven. Thank you, Bambert, for getting her home safely!”

“No problem, Ms. Phillips,” Bam replied, then calling out to Clementine, “I’ll see you tomorrow in class, Clem!”

“Bye, Bam!” Clementine called back, as she entered the house.

“Drive safely, Bambert,” Cassidy said, “good night.”

“I will ma’am, thank you! Good night!” Bam smiled, as he got back in the car and slowly drove off.

Cassidy watched him until he disappeared around the corner. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but her senses from her old con days told her something just wasn’t right about all of this. But she shrugged it off.

‘After all’, she thought, ‘compared to some of the other boys Clementine has hung around with, this Bambert seemed like a really nice and decent guy!’

Next: Chap. 17 “Pretty Little Half a Liar”

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