James Ford saw Jamie for the millionth time. She did not know this, however, as she smiled at him from across the bar. She had no memory of their previous encounters. For her, this was the first time she had ever made eye contact with him. James, however, remembered that she would come to this bar every Wednesday night to drink and dance. Now, with non-verbal contact established, she went into full flirt mode and smiled at James. James had seen it all before. He also would come into this very same bar every Wednesday night. He would also come to drink, dance, and con. But James Ford knew something that no one else at this bar seemed to. It was all a metaphysical trap. An endless loop that had, did, and will play itself out over and over again. It was the price James Ford had to pay for all his sins in the physical world. He had once entered the light with his true love on his arm. But he suddenly found himself entering this bar on his own and he knew what had to be done. So James waved and smiled at Jamie, as he had so many times before. Jamie would come over to James's table. She always came over to James's table and she always will. James, bored with this foresight, tried to act surprised and delighted. James, all too well, knew his future with Jamie. They will talk. They will dance. He will buy her a drink. He will "accidentally" drop the envelope of money. He will explain to her about some deal. But her husband will always show up and confront James. Jamie will always start to cry and try to explain. Jamie's husband will always pull out a gun and shoot James Ford in the chest. James will fall to the floor, bleeding profusely, and remember the fading light. How does this night end? It just does. In the blink of an eye James Ford, once again, finds himself back in the bar. He spots Jamie. She smiles. He waves. Etc. Etc. Next: Case #7 "I, Miles"

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