RUNWAY 42R----1:08 AM Asia Pacific Time!

Ajira Flight 316 touched lightly down! It smoothly slid through the layered foam put down by the emergency trucks that stood by! The plane slowly taxied to the end of runway 42 Right and gently came to a stop!


There was a moment of radio silence.


“Please stand by, Ajira 316! Instructions are forthcoming!”


In what seemed an eternity, Ajira 316 waited at the end of runway 42R. Its engines throttled down but its turbines still spun.

“Ajira 316. You are to hold your position! You are to shut down all engines and cut your power. Turn off all your transceivers. You will cease all communications with this tower. You will not! Repeat! Not evacuate the plane! You are to stand by. A crew with a ground shuttle will tow you into hanger 23 located on your right. Someone from the ground crew will further instruct you through your ground link phone! Do you copy?!”


TARMAC--1:15 A.M. Asia Pacific Time.

A shuttle quickly arrived and hooked its bar to the front landing gear of Ajira 316. It slowly pulled the plane around and towed it to a large open hanger directly adjacent to the runway.

HANGAR 23--1:16 A.M. Asia Pacific Time.

A ground crew communications officer tapped into the plane’s internal communication line via an open panel below the plane’s nose. Then he instructed the pilot to instruct his passengers to remain within the plane after it had arrived in the hangar.

“I’ve got hungry and thirsty passengers here!” the pilot reported.

“Your needs will be addressed!” he was told.

DE-BOARD--1:23 A.M. Asia Pacific Time.

Security surrounded the hangar building, as the doors were shut and locked. From a back room in the hangar, two men, dressed professionally in black suits, white shirts, and black ties, approached the ground communications officer.

“You’ve given the pilot the instructions?” the taller man asked.

“Exactly what you told me!” the officer replied. The man nodded, then turned to the other, smaller man.

“Are the rooms ready?” The smaller man nodded.

“Very good,” Taller replied, “okay. Let’s do this!” Smaller took out a two-way radio, “Okay! Bring up the ramp! First crew, move!”

Immediately, a de-boarding ramp was rushed to the left side of the plane. Four security personnel, decked out in orange HAZMAT suits and carrying oxygen packs, scurried up the ramp and immediately opened the fuselage door! They quickly entered!

Minutes crawled by! Then suddenly, ten figures, all dressed in contamination suits, de-planed and headed down the ramp. Six of those figures were placed into the back of a black van, which quickly drove out of the hangar, speeding across the airport tarmac, before arriving at an indiscreet building at the far end of the airport! Next: Chap. Three “The Building”

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