INTERROGATION BUILDING--2:42 A.M. Asia Pacific Time.

The building was the color of ash. Inside, were two offices and eight rooms. In each of the rooms were two chairs and one table. Six of those rooms were now occupied. The tall man and the smaller man stood in one of the offices. A third man, chubbier and sweatier, wearing dark trousers and a white shirt with a loose red necktie, sat behind a desk.

“Here’s all the information you requested,” Necktie said, handing over a cache of files. Taller took the files over to another desk and glanced through them.

“We appreciate your expediency on this matter,” Smaller said to Necktie.

“No problem, always glad to help you guys out!” Necktie replied, sipping an iced tea.

“If you don’t mind,” Smaller continued, “my partner and I would like to discuss our next step in this process!”

“Of course,” Necktie said, getting up and opening the door to exit. Just outside and all around the building, security held fast.

“Which one are you going to talk to first?” Smaller asked, as Taller continued to peruse the files.

“I’ll just start in Interrogation room one and work myself down the line. Who is in room one?”

Smaller glanced at a list and pointed to a name. Taller looked, then went through the files and took out a folder. He opened the folder and quickly read through it.

“Okay,” he said, as he walked toward the door of room one, “lets see what Mr. James Ford has to say for himself!” Next: Chap. Four “The James Ford Interrogation”.

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