Cindy Chandler stood on the beach and watched the waves roll in. It was very peaceful and calm. 'The calm before the proverbial storm' she thought. She had no watch, so she could only estimate the passing time by the position of the sun. However, time had no true meaning on this island. Never did. Never will. But she did feel that Zach and Emma were long overdue and she began to worry. Of course, she always worried when she had to send them out on some "correction." To tell someone they have been chosen. To slightly alter somebody's life. To re-direct life's timeline, so that the world would be in balance once again. But it was never her choice. It was always the island's. She was only the executor. Only the conduit. But she did have a right to worry over Zach and Emma. She had literally raised them since they were children. Since that crash so long, long ago, that changed all of their lives for better or for worse. But they had survived, where so many others had not. Many did not deserve to die. Many did. Nevertheless, call it fate or destiny but Cindy now had to face the greatest challenge. Not only to keep the world in balance but to keep the world, as we know it, even existing. Suddenly, the sky briefly and brightly turned purple and she knew Zach and Emma were back. With relief, she went into the jungle to meet them back at the transfer point. When she arrived, Zach and Emma had already emerged from the underground stone stairwell. "It went well," Zach said, "we have our spy and Sgt. Austen has organized his troops and are on the way." Cindy nodded. Emma held up a high-powered walkie-talkie. "Charlotte will be reporting in soon." Cindy smiled, "You two have been great. I am so proud of the both of you!" Cindy started to cry. "Mother, its going to be alright. I know it will," Emma said, as she hugged Cindy. "Yes, the island won't let us loose," Zach said, "lets prepare to meet our defenders." The next day Cindy was back on the beach. It was another calm day. The sky appeared extra blue to her today. Then she saw spots of white begin to blossom in the sky. It seemed like the sky was beginning to rain popcorn. It was the defenders. The Light forces. Parachuting in. Austen's army was here which meant only one thing. The dark army was also on its way. Very soon the battle was to begin. To be Continued: Next Chap. 10 "Gathering"

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