"Listen to me carefully, Jarrah," the voice on the other end of the line was intense, so Sam Jarrah went into his back office at the club for some privacy. "You still have connections from your military days. So I need you to recruit a group. A group of the most reliable and ruthless people you can scrounge up. I want them to have military and/or mercenary credentials. I want them to have no qualms about killing soldiers or civilians. You will bring them to the coordiantes I am texting you now. At those coordinates will be a ship I've commissioned, the Christianne III. You will take the group and board the ship and head to a classified island location where you will seize and hold the island. You will be under orders to kill all indigenous personel on that island. You will see that my orders are carried out or I will personally kill you! Once you are underway, I will fly out to the ship to further brief you." "What are you planning to do with this island once you control it?" Sam asks. "I will be seeking a darkness on that island to rise within my soul and help me with my mission of destruction," the voice replied. "Desruction of what?" Sam inquired. "The entire human race!" Thomas Werner Mittelwerk eerily replied, before disconnecting the call. A shiver went down the spine of Sam Jarrah. He studied over the coordinates that Mittelwerk had text him and began writing all the information down, when there was a light knock on the door. "Yes, what is it?" he called out. The door opened and in walked Charlotte Malkin wearing a tight, black mini-dress. Cut high on the legs and low in front. "Yes, what can I do for you?" Sam asked. "Mr. Jarrah, I just want to thank you again for hiring me. I desperately needed this job!" Charlotte smiled sweetly. "Well, you are very welcome," Sam said, "I thought you had already left for the night. Your name is Charlotte, right?" Charlotte said, "Yes. I'm sorry to have bothered you. You look busy. What, if I may ask, are you planning to do? You look like you are going on a trip." Sam smiled, "Yes. Sort of." "Where are you going," she softly asked, "on a cruise to the tropics? Vacationing on some deserted island?" Sam laughed. "Yes. You could say that. You must be psychic!" "My dad was," Charlotte said, "maybe some of his "ability" has rubbed off. Take me with you!" Sam was amused, "Now, why would I do that?" "Because I want to help you in anyway I can. You gave me an opportunity when I needed it the most and I want to repay you. I could be your personal assistant. Your confidant. It also can get pretty lonely out there in the big blue sea on some deserted island, huh?" Sam smiled, "Yes it can." He thought about Charlotte's proposal. Mittelwerk wouldn't approve. Then he glanced back at Charlotte. 'To hell with Mittelwerk' he thought. "Can you be ready by tomorrow?" "You bet I can!" smiled Charlotte, suddenly realizing her new career as a spy had just officially begun. To be continued: Next Chap. 9 "Before the Storm"

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