Young, blonde, and pretty, Charlotte Malkin was exhausted after her nightclub shift had ended. Serving drinks and dancing for tips is very tiring, as well as the energy she spent constantly and politely refusing the strong advancements of her male clientele. She had changed out of her dancing costume and into her regular clothes and exited the dressing room's back door. Heading to her car, she almost made it. Suddenly, out of the shadows, jumped a man, who grabbed Charlotte and held a knife to her throat. She recognized him as an earlier customer that aggressively wanted a "date". She had refused and now he was angry and wanted revenge. "You've got the nerve to turn me down, huh, Bitch?!!" he yelled. He then quickly stabbed her in the stomach and ran away. She gurgled blood and gasped for air, as she collapsed on the parking lot. No one was around to help. Charlotte looked up into the sky and prayed. Suddenly, from out of the shadows came a young woman. Her face was pretty and radiant. Her long, blonde hair glowed under the street lights. To Charlotte, who now lay dying, it looked like a halo. "Are you an angel?" she asked. The young woman didn't answer. She bent over Charlotte. "I'm sorry this had to happen to you," she softly said. Charlotte just continued to spit up blood. "Do not worry, Ms. Malkin, be patient," the young woman said, as she lightly touched Charlotte's head. Charlotte quickly felt like she was floating. A bright light engulfed her and she surprisingly found herself back in the dressing room about to once again exit the back door. There were no cuts on her stomach. No blood. She felt fine. She then noticed in one of the dressing room mirrors, the reflection of the young, pretty woman who had bent over her. Who had touched her. Charlotte's angel. "Who are you? What just happened?" Charlotte asked, as she turned around to face the young woman. "My name is Emma. I have been sent to contact you. I had to do a little "correction" in your time line." "A correction?" Charlotte asked, "some jerk just murdered me!" "You were murdered but not anymore," Emma said. "What do you want?" Charlotte asked. "You have been chosen. I know about you, Ms. Malkin. I know when you were young, you drowned. But hours later on the autopsy table, you "woke" up. Your life has never been the same since. You never made any sense of it, did you?" Charlotte sat down. "No, I didn't. I felt uneasy ever since that day. I had strange feelings. I could hear whispers. Thoughts. Of people I never knew. I think they were dead. And I never really aged. It was like I was suspended between life and death. But I knew it had to be for a reason but I never knew what or why." "I'm here to tell what that reason was," Emma said, "as I said, you have been chosen. You have a destiny. An assignment. There is a gathering going on as we speak. A gathering of both dark and light forces. These forces will soon meet in a battle that will determine if all or any of us will survive. You will join the dark." "The dark?" Charlotte asked. "Yes," Emma continued, "You will be a spy. You will infiltrate the dark and report what they are planning." Emma hands Charlotte some documents. "Here, all you need to know is in these. Follow the instructions. Then destroy the documents." "How will I know where or who to infiltrate?" Charlotte asked. "You already know," said Emma, "you are to spy on your boss, Sam Jarrah. He will be working for the dark." Charlotte smiled, "Somehow that doesn't surprise me." To be continued: Next Chap. 7 "Austen"

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