The cave was dark and damp. Cindy Chandler lit the torch and led Zach and Emma deep into the crevice. Cindy held the torch high and searched the cave's walls. For the new names. The new list. The new numbers. She found them. "Here. These two," she said to the young man and woman, pointing to the names freshly carved into the wall, "these are the two that are to be called. To be corrected." "When do we go?" Emma asked. "Tonight," Cindy replied. "How long do we have?" Zach asked. "Not long," Cindy said, "You must contact them immediately before it is too late. There are forces gathering. Dark forces. These dark forces wil be led by someone who is familiar with this island. And this someone wants to use the powers of this island to destroy us all." "What do we need to take with us?" Emma asked. "I will take you to the old cult's quarters. There, I will let you know what clothes and supplies you will need. Along the way, I will tell you the details. Remember everything I tell you. You must follow my instructions perfectly." "Mother, don't worry," Emma said smiling, "we have never let you down before, have we?" "No, you have not, its just...." Cindy hesitated. "Just what?" Zach asked. "Its just this evil that is coming is like nothing we have ever experienced before," Cindy said. Zach and Emma could see how scared Cindy seemed. Fear was something they had never seen in her before. "Do you think we might fail this time?" Emma asked. "No," Cindy replied, "I just pray our success will not be too late!" To be Continued: Next Chap. 4 "Jarrah"

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