The man stared out the cabin window. Fresh snow had fallen overnight. He took another sip of his brandy and contemplated his life. Once a president of a major corporation, he was now an international fugitive in hiding in his home country of Austria. A rage seethed inside him. A growing hatred of the human race. He thought back to that day and that location, decades ago, that started him on his path of death, destruction, and revenge. He was only a child then. Along with his Father, Mother, and younger brother, they had set sail for an around the world adventure. They never made it around the world but they did find adventure. He remembered the sudden storm that rocked their yacht. His Father struggling at the helm to maintain control. His Mother taking him and his brother quickly down into the galley. That was all he could remember until they were on the beach. The yacht destroyed by the rocks. The mysterious storm had passed. The sun now shone. And for the next three months this was to be their new home. Their Father built them shelter, hunted the wild boar that roamed the island, and caught the fish that swam the surf. Their Mother cooked the bounty and he and his brother helped out as best they could. Their Father would build a fire on the beach and keep it going in hopes of a passing ship or plane would happen by, see the light, and rescue them. But the weeks went by and no ship or plane was ever seen. Then one day something happened. Their Father went crazy. His eyes went dark and soulless overnight. He claimed he heard strange noises in the night. Saw shadows. Heard whispers. His Mother became frightened. She said he had become "infected" just before their Father took a knife, he had salvaged from the yacht's wreckage, and cut their Mother's throat. The boys ran. Deep into the jungle. To an ancient building. A Temple. Fearing their Father was right behind them, they split up. His brother went into the Temple. He hid under it. In a tunnel. He suddenly heard something coming. From deep down inside the tunnel. And it was coming at him! Then he remembered nothing more. he found himself standing in front of his brother outside the Temple. His brother was crying. "Do not be afraid, brother!" he remembered hearing himself say. But that was not his voice that he heard. That was not his words. Not his thoughts. His brother still cried. "I will take care of you," he said, as he took a rock and smashed in his brother's skull. He then turned and headed back to their camp. His Father was there. Waiting. Crazy. Insane. Infected. The boy confronted his Father. "I will take care of you, Father," he said. His Father just laughed and lunged at him with the knife. But the boy had fashioned a bamboo stick into a sharp spear and simply plunged it into his Father's right eye, right through his Father's brain. He then wandered the island. Past the bamboo forest. Toward a cave. A cave of light. He was drawn to that light. That dark light. The darkness would consume him. Instruct him. He was now satisfied. Alone, he now knew he would survive. The darkness would help him. Tell him what to do. Give him the strength. The will. It would guide him and guide others to him. For he was no longer a boy. No longer a man. He felt no longer human. He now knew what he must grow up and do. Confront the world and destroy it. Two weeks later, he walked out onto the beach and came upon a small boat. Humans were on the beach. Explorers. Scientists. Their main research vessel was docked off the island. They were shocked to see this small and scrawny child. "I wish to be rescued," he stoically said. Two weeks later he was back in Austria. The man now poured himself another brandy. He knew what must be done. He must return. Return to the source of his strength. He must recapture that source. Use it as a tool to eliminate humankind. He now must return to the island, for Thomas Werner Mittelwerk knew that was his new destiny. To be continued: Next Chap. 3 "Corrections"

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