As the island slowly sank beneath the sea, the helicopter quickly set a course back to the awaiting ship. Cindy Chandler was sad. She watched as her home for the last fifty years disappeared beneath the waves. Zach and Emma, as well, are saddened, for this was the only home they had really known for most of their lives. "Now the guardians have nothing to guard," laughed Thomas Werner Mittelwerk, as he also watched the last of the island disappear. "Oh, well. I'm sure there will be a demand for your talents in the real world, or at least in the fantasy world!" Suddenly, what was thought to be the copter's co-pilot turned around, took off their helmet, and pulled a gun on Mittelwerk. It was Charlotte Malkin. "Whoa! What brings this on?" Mittelwerk asked. "Remember that private meeting you had back on the ship with Jarrah?" Charlotte asked, "the one where you discussed the mission and how after you docked back home, you planned to execute the entire crew so there would be no witnesses to any these events?" Well, I planted a bug in that room and recorded the whole converstion and I played it back to the crew. They are all very anxious to "welcome" you back on board!" Mittelwerk laughed, "Who cares? No one can harm me now! Go ahead and shoot me, Bitch! See what happens!" Mittelwerk then grabbed Charlotte's throat and squeezed. Charlotte gasped for air and fired five times. Five times the bullets struck Mittelwerk but were just absorbed into his flesh. Sam Austen and Zach made a move to grab Mittelwerk and force him to release Charlotte but Mittelwerk just pushed them both back into their seats. "You see? I am immortal! I am all powerful! Nothing or no one can stop me! EVER!" Mittelwerk screamed. Charlotte is almost unconscious. Sam Jarrah watched all of this with fear. A frozen fear he had never known before. A fear he did not like. Suddenly, he saw a form materializing in the empty seat across from him. The form quickly took the shape of someone familiar to Sam Jarrah. Someone Jarrah had always liked and respected. For now sitting across from him was his uncle Sayid! Sam Jarrah was speechless. Sayid was not. "Do not let my death in fighting evil be in vain, Sam" Sayid softly said, "you know what must be done. This man cannot be allowed to continue. Do what is right and do it now!" Then Sayid was gone. Sam Jarrah quickly thought of his miserable life. His involvement in crime and murder. His mother's disappointment in him. He thought of Alisha. Yes, he now knew what he had to do and with that knowledge, the fear disappeared. Jarrah immediately grabbed Mittelwerk's arms and with great strength, broke them, forcing Mittelwerk to release his grip on Charlotte's throat. "What the hell are you doing, Jarrah?!" Mittelwerk cried out. Then Sam Jarrah grabbed Thomas Werner Mittelwerk and jumped out of helicopter. Down. Down. Down. Into the ocean they both fell. The copter moved on. Charlotte regained her breath, as Sam Austen and Zach comforted her. Emma scanned the area where Jarrah and Mittelwerk fell. "I can't see them!" Emma said. "Yes. They're gone," Cindy said. "With the sinking of the island, is the Light gone as well?" Emma asked. Cindy sadly smiled, "Yes, but I think the light lives on in all of us. Whoever or whatever we are. There will always be hope. It is all we have and if we understand that, then that is all we will ever really need." The Christianne III is now in sight. The copter circled to land. Cindy Chandler realized there had been many sacrifices over the years that the island had demanded. In the end, it seemed that the last sacrifice the island demanded was of itself. That was the ultimate sacrifice anyone or anything could ever be asked to do. Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, in the Indian Ocean, an undersea volcano erupted. Tons of lava broke the surface forming a new land mass. A new island was born. And deep inside its core, there is the glow of a new light. This new island will someday, sometime, call out once again for a new guardian to protect it and preserve the light at the end of the world. The End.

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