"Looks like we may not be outnumbered after all!" Sam Austen said. "Like you say, so be it!" Thomas Werner Mittelwerk replied, as the sound of an approaching helicopter could be heard in the distance. What was Martin Keamy grabbed an automatic rifle left on the ground from one of the vaporized troops and began to open fire. Mittelwerk, Sam Jarrah, Cindy Chandler, Sam Austen, Emma, and Zach, scattered into the jungle. The bullets bounced off Eko, Ilana, and Tom. Eko grabbed the wooden baton , the "Jesus stick" from his belt, and walked toward Keamy and smashed him along side of his head as he yelled, "I will pour out my fury upon thee!!!" Keamy goes down. "And accomplish mine anger upon thee!!!" Keamy just laughed as Eko's baton smashed his eye. "I will judge thee according to thy ways and will recompense thee for all thine abominations!!!" Eko then split Keamy's head in two. But he just looked up at Eko and smiled. Keamy then used the butt of the rifle and struck Eko back across his face. "Give up, Priest! You have already lost!!" Keamy said laughing sadistically. Eko just smiled back. Meanwhile, Ilana jumped Ana Lucia. She karate kicked Ana across her face, as Ana grabbed Ilana's hair and pulled her down to the ground. "You stupid dead bitch! You're gonna pay for that!" Ana Lucia cried out, as she threw Ilana, head over heels, into the ground. But Ilana quickly got back up and two punched Ana Lucia along side of her head, then grabbed her arm and threw her back against the base of a palm tree. In the mean time, Mikhail took a swing at Tom. His fist connected straight into Tom's face. Tom just grinned, as he plunged a knife in Mikhail's stomach. The knife handle broke off. Mikhail smirked, then head butted Tom, who went down to the ground, where he swung his legs around to undercut Mikhail's legs. Mikhail collapsed to the ground hard on his head. This all went on for several minutes until they realized that, in human form, they were all invincible. Tom then cried out, "Lets light 'er up!!!" They all immediately reverted to smoke. The battle then began again. White smoke collided with the dark smoke. The trees and bushes that surrounded the area were torn apart by the ensuing forces. The roars and screams were deafening. Again and again the pilars of smoke circled, retreated, and attacked. It was like a hundred black and white tornadoes were in conflict. Finally, all the pillars moved straight up in unison, turned, and raced at each other on a colliding course. The final collision created a singularity shock wave of such magnitude, that it caused the entire island to quake under its pressure and power. Meanwhile, the group, now reunited at the beach, heard the deafening sounds and felt the rapidly approaching shock wave. The island rumbled and quaked under their feet. Up ahead, the copter arrived and hovered just inches above the ground. Mittelwerk and Jarrah jumped aboard the copter. Austen turned to Cindy, "We have no choice! We must get out of here! We have to get on that chopper!" "No! I'm staying," Cindy said, "its my duty!" "What?" Austen said, "Something like the Captain has to go down with the ship? Ms. Chandler. Its over. The island is lost! We can just pray our side will eventually win!" "He is right, Mother!" Zach said, "we must go!" Emma grabbed Cindy's arm. "We have done all that we can!" she said. Cindy reluctantly agreed, as they headed to the copter and all jumped aboard. The copter immediately lifted off and headed out over the ocean towards the anchored Christianne III. They all looked back to see the entire island begin to break apart and sink into the sea. Tears began to form in Cindy's eyes. She wondered if she had made the right decision. To be continued: Next Chap. 15 "Rebirth"

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