Cindy Chandler stumbled, dazed and confused, up and out of the white stones cave. Zach and Emma exited the mirror tower, spotted Cindy and came running over. "Are you alright?" Emma cried out, grabbing ahold of Cindy's arm to steady her. Zach grabbed her other arm. "Yes. I think so," Cindy replied, "are you two alright?" "Yes," Zach said, "it worked. The beam spread. They've all been destroyed." "Lets just head back to camp," Cindy said, as all three headed into the jungle. As they reached a clearing they came upon Sam Austen, also in a state of shock. "What the hell has just happened?" he asked. Cindy replied, "I used the island as a last resort. It was the ultimate weapon." Austen was confused, "They are all gone! Both sides. Just like that! Vaporized! I have never seen anything like it in my life!" "You haven't seen anything yet!" an eerie voice said. They all turned around and saw Thomas Werner Mittelwerk and Sam Jarrah standing behind them. Mittelwerk had a look of souless evil in his eyes. Jarrah's eyes looked dazed and frightened. "I am Thomas Werner Mittelwerk. To the victor go the spoils. So I now own this island." "No one can ever own this island!" Zach angerly said. Mittelwerk smirked as he addressed Cindy, "Either way, its over, Guardian. You have lost!" "It will never be over," Cindy replied tiredly. Mittelwerk then turned to Jarrah, "Call in the copter. We are leaving for the ship. I have a destiny to fulfill!" Jarrah radios the ship and gives landing coordinates. Mittelwerk turns back to the group. "You are all welcome to come with me. This place is useless to you now." "Come with you? You've got to be joking!" Austen said. Mittelwerk smiled slightly. "Look, I may be evil but I am polite. I honor those who put up a "good" fight, but you were defeated. You can come with me or not. But those who choose to stay will die." "So be it," Cindy said. Suddenly, there is a deafening roar that emanates from the cave. Out streaked three dark pillars of smoke. The pillars circled the group and quickly dropped down to the ground. The smoke began to dissipate and form three human-like figures. The first form is of a man. He was tall and bulky. He had a flat top crew cut and large teeth that formed an evil grin. His eyes were dark and cold. "Hello," he eerily said, "I was Martin Keamy and my mission is not yet completed." The other form was also of a tall, strong man. He had dark, receding hair and a scraggily beard with a patch over his eye. His look was also cold. "I was Mikhail Bakunin! I have many more souls to destroy!" The third form was of a woman. Pretty, with long, dark hair. There was as much danger as beauty with her. "I was Ana Lucia Cortez. And I love to kill!" "So there you have it," Mittelwerk said, "the island apparently has chosen its new guardians and you are now outnumbered and outgunned." But suddenly there is the sound of more rumbling. Three more pillars of smoke appear. These pillars, however, are white and also circled and dropped to take forms directly behind Cindy, Zach, Emma, and Austen. The first form is of a huge black man with a look of righteous anger upon his face. "I was Eko. Mr. Eko! And I am here for redemption!" The second form was of another female. Attractive with long, thick curly hair. She was Ilana Verdansky. "I am here to avenge the spirit of Jacob!" The final form was of a slightly overweight but still strong looking man with light, swept back hair. His friendly outward demeanor masked a fierce determination. He said he had been Tom Friendly. "And I have spent too much time when I was alive protecting this island to stop now!" To be continued: Next Chap. 14 "Confrontation"

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