From the Mirror tower, Cindy Chandler could see Thomas Werner Mittelwerk and his band of escorts. "They are heading to the bamboo forest. They know what they want and where to find it!" Cindy said. "Will Sgt. Austen's troops be able to chase them down and stop them?' Emma asked. Cindy shook her head no. "We will have to stop them!" "How?" Zach asked. "We will use the Mirrors," Cindy explained, "We can re-focus the pockets of electro-magnetic energy and reflect them at the advancing forces." "Then lets do it now!" Emma said. "There is one problem," Cindy said, "the energy cannot be precisely guided. It will spread in all directions. It will anialate everyone. In order to release the energy, one of us will have to go deep into the source and remove the white stones. There is a chance they too will be destroyed." "I will go," Zach said. Cindy shook her head once again. "No, Zach. I am responsible for protecting this island and the light. I will go. You and your sister Emma remain here in the Mirror tower. If you both stay in the center of the circle of mirrors, you should be safe. As the energy will reflect out and away. Just cover your eyes." "No, Mother! You can't do this!!" Emma cried. "This is what I was chosen to do," Cindy replied, "this is what I must do. For all of our sakes!" Cindy looks back and sees the troops have advanced into the bamboo forest. "It may already be too late," she said, as she hugged Zach and Emma and prepared to head down into the caves. Meanwhile, Thomas Werner Mittelwerk, Sam Jarrah, and the five troop escort, emerged out of the bamboo forest and stopped by the flowing creek that lead to a cave. There was a glowing light that emanated from the cave. It glowed so brightly, Jarrah could barely look at it. But Mittelwerk had no such problem. He was transfixed. He looked at the light like an old lost friend. He was jubilant. "Yes. Yes. There you are," Mittelwerk said, "it has been too long a time. Now I am back to rejuvenate in your light. Absorb your power one last time. Then I will acomplish what I was destined for. I will become immortal!" Mittelwerk then walked toward the light. Into the cave. Into the light. It glowed even brighter as he entered. Then it turned very dark. Meanwhile, Cindy approached the deep underground pond that contained the white stones. She stepped into the water and the ground began to shake. She waded over. She said a prayer and pulled out the stones. The beam of energy was so intense that it knocked her back out of the water and against the cave wall. She watched as the beam streaked straight up and towards the tower of mirrors back up on the surface. She hoped Zach and Emma were safe in the center of the mirrors. Up above, Zach and Emma were in position. In the center of the mirrors. They heard the rumble as the energy came. They averted their eyes, as the beam hit the mirrors and immediately spread out in a 360 degree circle. The waves hit fast and furious. The dark and light troops caught up in the beam were pulverized. Sam Austen heard the oncoming rumble and instinctively hit the ground behind a small hill. The energy swept over and above him as he watched in horror his soldiers melting before his eyes. Meanwhile, just outside the bamboo forest, Sam Jarrah also dived into a small ravine and heard the brief screams of agony from the dark troop escort as they too were destroyed. Then, just as fast, the beam receded. Pulling the souls, both dark and light, of those it had absorbed with it. It receded back into the pond, deep within the white stone cave. The battle was quickly over but the war had just begun. To be Continued: Next Chap. 13 "Smoke"

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