Hours before, Sergeant Major Sam Austen and his Mercenaries of Lightness parachuted in and took up a defensive position along the jungle line down by the beach. Mortars, bazookas, machine guns, and grenade launchers were all in position. Austen had heard Charlotte's report that the dark forces were on their way. "Corporal Koontz! Corporal King! Set up a protective back line perimeter! Sgt. Vonnegut! Make sure the perimeter is covered!" "Yes, Sgt. Major!" they all replied. Suddenly, a nasally voice is heard. "What the hell are you doing, Austen?!" It was Captain Randy Nations, ranking officer in "command." "I want a forward observation post set up on the beach! Then we can have a clear view out over the ocean and up and down the beach!" Austen frowned. "With all due respect, sir. That would put men out in the open." "Who is in command here, Sgt. Major?" Nations said, "I have extensive command experience. Even in civilian life, I was a manager for a Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack franchise. I was also a supervisor for a box company. So I know how to manage, motivate, and lead! So follow my commands!" Austen shook his head. "Sir, intelligence reports that the enemy is anchored off this beach and on their way. I'm sure they have snipers on board their landing craft and are scoping out this beach with their high-powered rifles as we speak!" Captain Nations steps out onto the beach. "Austen, I don't care what your reports say, I don't see any craft approaching and if they are out there, they are too far away for any sniper to see. Now do as I say! Remember who is in command here!" Suddenly, Captain Randy Nations's head explodes in a flash of blood, bone, and brains! A sniper has hit his mark. "To answer his question, you are in command, Sgt. Major," said Sgt. Vonnegut. Minutes later the landing craft beach. The Mercenaries of Darkness storm upon the sand and spread out. Austen waited. When the dark forces were within range, he gave the command. The bazookas blew a hole into the advancing line. Arms and legs and heads of many dark force troops scattered in all directions. The dark forces returned fire. Magnum machine guns opened up into the jungle line, pulverizing palms and light forces troops along the way. Mortar fire blew up one landing craft. Fiery debris and blood spread along the sands. The light forces launched electro-shock bombs into the surf. 50,000 volts of electricity effectively electrocuted some dark forces as they tried to wade ashore. Their bodies soon becoming bait for the incoming sharks attracted by the bloody surf. Being the direct descendents of the Dharma sharks generations ago, this was their territory. Napalmnades were thrown into the light forces lines. Exploding into an intense ball of flame, some of the troops caught up in the inferno ran towards the ocean to try and extinquish the flames that was melting off their skin, only to have their heads blown off by the dark forces. Many headless bodies still ran and collapsed into the surf, leaving a trail of burning flesh. Corporal Koontz pulled out an automatic rat-tat spitter. 1,000 steel needles gnawed off the right leg of an advancing soldier. Koontz then sliced off the left leg. But the legless soldier kept returning fire. Koontz took out his right and left arm with surgical precision. Then he took pity on the torso and took his pity shot by decapitating the soldier. Austen ordered his group to retreat and re-group. Meanwhile, Thomas Werner Mittelwerk and Sam Jarrah hit the beach. "This little "skirmish" is of no consequence to me," Mittelwerk said, "we need to head up the beach and move toward the bamboo forest. Get me some troop escorts now!" Jarrah yells over the gunfire, "We need all the forces we can to counter this resistance! That was your orders!" "Orders change, as do circumstances. Do as I say!" Mittelwerk commands. So Jarrah, Mittelwerk, and five troops move quickly up the beach and into the jungle towards the bamboo forest. Meanwhile, Cindy Chandler, Zach and Emma, move up the mountain to the Mirror tower, where they can observe the action. But Cindy knew something that Zach and Emma didn't. If Austen's army failed to defend the island. To protect the light. She would have to use the ultimate weapon. The island itself! But that would mean they all would have to make the ultimate sacrifice! To be continued: Next Chap. 12 "Mirrors"

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