The Christianne III dropped anchor one mile off the coast of the main island. Sam Jarrah scanned the coastline with binoculars but saw nothing. Below deck, awaited the mercenaries for their orders. Thomas Werner Mittelwerk had just choppered aboard and entered the main deck. "Jarrah, lets go to your quarters now, I wish to speak with you in private!" Mittelwerk commanded. Upon entering Sam's quarters, Mittelwerk was surprised to find Charlotte Malkin sitting on the bed. "Who in the hell is this, Jarrah!!!" he screamed. Sam answered calmly, "This is my personal assistant. I don't go anywhere without her. She is invaluable to this operation, as she is to me." Mittelwerk was furious, "So help me, Jarrah, I should have you both skinned alive and throw your pathetic carcasses overboard to the sharks. But I don't have the time. Get her the hell out of here now!!" "Okay. Okay. I'm walking. I'm walking," Charlotte said. As she exited the quarters, she smiled. The "bug" she planted should soon give her all the info she needed to report to the island. Meanwhile, Mittelwerk was still angry. "So Jarrah. What are you waiting for? Give the orders! We will take three landing craft and land at the forward beach." Mittelwerk takes a chart out of the porfolio he is carrying. "Some of the troops will then escort me to these coordinates. They will fallback while I enter a cave and deal with what I must deal with." "Do we expect any resistance?" Sam asks. "Who cares? You recruited the best of the best haven't you? If we meet any resistance, they can take care of it. If not, well, get me to that cave and I will take care of any resistance myself. Understand?" "Yes, I understand," Jarrah replies, "but I have one question. If, as you say, your intent is to destroy the entire human race well, I guess that includes me. Right? So why should I continue to help you at all?" Mittelwerk laughed. "Jarrah! Thats why I like you. You aren't afraid to ask the obvious questions. No, I won't really destroy the entire human race. Just most of entire human race. I will need some to help me run my new world order. I do plan to kill all of the ship's crew and any remaining troops when we get back. I don't ever want anyone to remotely know where this island is located or what is going to happen there. When this is all over I will offer you a job as my personal assistant. Like your bimbo out there. However, you have to admit, letting you live doesn't go against my wish to destroy humans." "Oh, and why is that?" Sam asked. Mittelwerk smirked. "Because you lost all of your humanity years ago when you sacrificed your true love over a sense of duty!" Sam seethed. He thought at that precise moment, no matter how this all turned out, the first chance he got he would kill Thomas Werner Mittelwerk! "Okay! Enough! Order the troops to board the craft! We're moving in, now!" Mittelwerk commands. Sam and Mittelwerk head up to the deck to give the command. As they both pass a side door and up to the deck, Charlotte Malkin steps out and radios the island. "They're on their way! Stand by and I'll give their landing coordinates." Meanwhile, the landing craft are brought around and the mercenaries board. The three craft do a 180 degree turn away from the Christianne and head full throttle toward the island. Sam Jarrah, in the lead craft, scans the island once again with binoculars. He still sees nothing. 'It can't be this easy' he thinks. He is soon to be proven right. To be Continued: Next Chap. 11 "Battle"

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