Prologue: It is twenty years after the Lost adventure ends. No matter how many times she watched from her office 42 stories up in the Paik Industries corporate headquarters, Ji-Yeon Kwon loved the colors of the sky as the sun set. She was a corporate negotiator for her grandfather's company and the beautiful colors had a calming effect on her. Calm had been increasingly elusive for Ji-Yeon recently. She was a sensitive. She always had been. Call it ESP or an enhanced perception, the ability to anticipate what someone was going to to say or do had obviously been an assest for her in any business negotiations. How she had acquired these abilities she didn't know. Her mother told her she was born with it and to count it as a blesing. But Ji-Yeon also sensed her mother was uncomfortable with her daughter's ability and preferred not to discuss it. So she didn't. Lately, however, she had been receiving visions. Strange visions. It would begin at twilight. When the world was at its tipping point between good and evil. These visions were of people she didn't know and places she's never been. There was a church or a temple. A dark temple. It was in Berlin. She would see herself in abeam of dark light. Foreboding. There were darts of fire that would spread out into the ebony sky. Then a figure would approach. Its face covered in sackcloth only its soulless eyes would stare into Ji-Yeon's eyes. Tell her she was special. She was needed. She was needed now. Suddenly Ji-Yeon would then find herself screaming and shaking. But despite the intense fear that she felt, there was that calling. She knew she had to go and find that temple. To confront the evil for if she didn't then she and everyone she cared about would be in danger. 23 hours later she was in Berlin. She quickly grabs her travel bag off the carousel at the airport and exits the main terminal. It is overcast in the sky and overcrowded at the curb as people manuever to hail a taxi. Suddenly, there is that light touch in her mind. A slight sense someone is near and aware she is there. She looks around but the crowd is large. She doubles back. Then she spots them. Two, dressed in dark suits. Moving closer to her. Ji-Yeon immediately cuts back into the main terminal and immediately runs into a young man. "Excuse me," she apologises. "No problem," he replies, as Ji-Yeon feels the barrel of a gun in her ribs. "Ms. Kwon, my name is Julian Carlson. And we have a car waiting for you." Ji-Yeon knew you didn't need ESP to realize this was not good. To be continued: Next chapter 3: "Mr. X."

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