Prologue: It is twenty years after the Lost adventure ends.The sea is calm. It is half past midnight. The only light comes from the ghostly glow of the sparse homesteads located up and down the coast. One mile out, the smooth surface is disturbed. The periscope's night vision slowly scans the coastline. But its search will soon prove to be in vain.It is now late morning. Although there is a strong summer wind, the heat of the sun beats down upon the head and shoulders of Charlie Hume, as he sets a course to head back in. He is a charter boat captain by trade but he still loves to take out the yacht he inherited from his father and race along the Oregon coast. He spots a bright flash in the distance. As he gets closer he sees it is a submarine. He pulls the "Penelope" alongside the sub and calls out. No response. He ties up and jumps aboard. Up and over the conning tower he discovers the hatch is open. Charlie slowly descends the ladder into the hull. It is dark in the control room. The main power is off and only the emergency lights can guide him. There appears to be no crew here. Charlie moves forward into the torpedo room. Nothing. He heads back aft. Passing the officer's quarters he notices the sub's logbook. He grabs the book and places it in his pocket and moves on. Although the sub appears abandoned and adrift, Charlie can't help but shake the feeling that there is a presence here. He moves toward the engine room where he encounters a storage area. There, chain-downed, sits an oblong-shaped object. It appeared to glow and fade in and out as if it were constantly out of focus. "I'm too young for glasses," Charlie laughed as he rubbed his eyes. Suddenly, he notices a movement from the corner of his eyes. Black shapes. Intense pain. Then darkness.When he awakes the object is gone. Charlie also notices the sub is at a 45 degree angle and the sea is rushing into the storage area. He tries to tear ass back up toward the conning tower, struggling against the ever powerful incoming flood. He manages to get up and out of the tower hatch and is tossed up and out into the ocean just as the sub capsizes. Charlie surfaces and sees a gaping hole blown out of the sub's bottom hull. He sees the "Penelope" still intact and 50yards away. He swims over boards his boat and watches the sub disappear below the surface. "What the hell just happened?" he mutters to himself. He goes down into the galley, takes out the sub's log and notices a symbol on the cover of the log. An octagon. He flips open the log and sees a word that was eerily familiar to him from his childhood. Charlie remembered his father had mentioned this word once but his mother forbid him from ever talking about it again. That word that now gave Charlie a chill was DHARMA. To be continued: Next time: Chap. 2 "Strange Visions"

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