Our Mutual Friend Bar & Grill is one of those sleazy places where not only does everyone not know your name but no one wants their name known. So it was the perfect place for Charlie Hume to meet his friend. He had asked Pavlov to check into the sub's logbook and see what he could find. Pavlov Florensky was an ex Soviet communications officer so Charlie figured he might still have some contacts that could shed some light on the mysterious sub set adrift. Charlie, himself, had been looking into the Dharma Iniative, scanning the polynet and what he found was intriguing. The Iniative was some kind of cult doing weird experiments years ago. There had been a series of mysterious "incidents" that had brought them more public attention than they desired. A Congressional hearing was held and the remaining Dharma officers were totally uncooperative resulting in serious jail time for all of them.As far as Charlie could tell most were now dead. Died in prison from natural or maybe not so natural causes.However, there was one who was still alive and still in prison. When Charlie finished here he was going to arrange a visit to see that inmate and try to find some answers. The bar was almost empty this night. Aside from a few scum sitting around the bar, the only sounds were of a band setting up on a small stand that passed for a stage. Through the doors walked a tall, burley man, in his 70's but still appearing strong.Pavlov is here. "What did you find?" Charlie asks. "The sub is not registered. The course plotted is not known on any commercial or military charts. They seemed to be on a steady course of 32.8 degrees. But look at this, Charlie." Pavlov takes out a compass and places it next to the logbook. The dial spins crazily."This log is highly magnetized," Pavlov says."Well, this makes this whole deal alot more interesting," Charlie says. Suddenly the air is penetrated by a loud noise. The band, something called, "The Mercenaries of Darkness" is doing a sound check. The female lead singer is a cute brunette dressed in a pitch black bodysuit with enough dark eye makeup to make her look like a racoon. Charlie smiles when suddenly the bar doors blast open and three men come in. Pavlov is already behind the counter. Gun drawn. The men open fire with automatic spitters, 100 steel darts a second begin to pulverize the bar. Pavlov fires with his old 9mm killing two. One man comes over to Charlie, holds the spitter to his head. "Where is the log?". But his ear is blasted off. He screams and exits the door. Charlie looks up to see the pretty singer with a gun in hand."All rock singers carry guns?" "Only the good ones," she replies."Well,I owe you one, Ms?" "My name is Megan Pace." What the hell is going on here? Charlie wonders. He hopes that his visit to the last member of the Dharma Iniative may provide an answer. To be continued: Next Chap 6 "Ordo de Angelos Custos"

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