The private jet was cold black. When it leveled out at 25,000 feet, Clementine Phillips was finally allowed to take off her blindfold and turn on the overhead light. In the forward seat pocket was her assignment. She took the binder, tore off the seal ("how Mission:Impossible lame" she thought) and rifled through the instructions and schematics. She didn't know exactly where she was going but she knew what she was supposed to break into. It was some old temple run by some religious order but the age of the structure was a cover. Below the temple was an underground cylindrical bunker that contained several rooms and in one of those rooms was a high-tech secure vault. Clementine was convinced, however, she wouldn't have a problem opening the vault because, according to the schematics, the locks were based upon a design used by a vault that she had once broken into before. Clementine knew once she could get in front of this vault it should be a breeze. Then all she had to do was look for the documents with an Octagon symbol, grab them and get out. She continued to study over the plans but she couldn't concentrate because she had an escort. Tall, attractive, with long, thick, dark hair, she had introduced herself as Eva Jarrah, then said nothing else. She sat across the aisle from Clementine and smiled every time she looked up. But her smile was not a friendly one and Clementine knew Mr. X had sent her along to make sure she didn't take any "wrong" turns and disappear. Like Clementine had been planning. She figured Eva was armed but had seen her type before. If she didn't kill you with a weapon, she would definitely kill you with her hands. Clementine figured her time was limited anyway, because as soon as she got what 'ol X wanted, Eva would follow X'ys orders and it would be bye, bye, Clementine. Eva got up went forward and talked to the pilot for a few minutes then walked back. "We're almost there. Start Changing!" Clementine was puzzled. "Change? Change into what?" she asked. Eva smiled. "Put on this jumpsuit and strap on the parachute we have for you in back. We're stepping out this evening in about 16 minutes." "Hold it, Xena!" Clementine protested. "X didn't say anything about skydiving!" Eva pulled a gun from her black leather boot and pointed it at her."There are alot of things Mr. X hasn't told you, but nevertheless strap the chute on, NOW!" Clementine sighed and shook her head. "I'm beginning to think I was better off in prison," she muttered. She slipped on the jumpsuit.Then Eva helped her strap on the chute. "The pilot will descend to 10,000 feet. Circle back. Then we'll do a HALO." Eva then slipped on nightvision goggles. "I've never jumped before," Clementine said. "You'll be hooked to me. I'll pull your chute," Eva said. Clementine thought "And this is supposed to comfort me how?" To be continued: Next Chap.8 "Looking for Mr. Deadbar"

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