Ji-Yeon Kwon is placed into the backseat of a dark sedan parked in front of the terminal. The two "escorts" dressed in black do not get in but the man who had the gun in Ji-Yeon's back, jumps into the front seat with the driver. The escorts slam the backdoor and wave the driver on. The car quickly joins the traffic away from the airport. Ji-Yeon tries the backdoors. They are locked. She looks to the front where the man next to the driver turns around and addresses her. "Do not be alarmed, Ms. Kwon," he said very casually. Ji-Yeon sensed a calmness about this man but a disturbing danger as well. "Again, my name is Julian Carlson and we've been expecting you." "What do you want?" Ji-Yeon asked. "I represent an Order. The Ordo de Angelos Custos. The Order of Guardian Angels. We are an old order charged with preserving the very existence of reality. We are responsible for obtaining and guarding documents and objects that, for the world's future, cannot afford to fall into the wrong hands." "What does this have to do with me?" Ji-Yeon asks. "Why everything, Ms. Kwon," Julian smiled which made Ji-Yeon shiver. "You didn't come to Germany for a vacation did you? You have had visions. Strange visions, No?" Ji-Yeon remained silent. "You felt you were being beckoned. You saw a place you didn't recognise. Have never been to, yet you came, didn't you?" "Yes," Ji-Yeon whispered, "I felt at times I was going insane." Julain laughed, "I assure you, you are very sane. You are a sensitive, aren't you?" "How do you know that?' Ji-Yeon asked. "The Order has followed your life since you were born. We know all about your abilities. We knew that there would come a time that you would be called upon to use your abilities to help us. You see, Ms. Kwon, I too am a sensitive. In fact, it was a blessing that I was even born. My mother was ill and couldn't conceive but through a miraculous event years ago I was born. I have abilities much like you. But unlike yours, mine are stronger and I can focus my ability and "manipulate" reality, in addition to absorbing information. I was the one who "used the wave" and touched your consciousness to bring you here." "What do you need me for?"she asked. "To train you. To help you develop your talents. To expand your mind." "To send psychic messages? That is what this is all about?" Ji-Yeon was getting angry. Julian Carlson was getting frustrated. His tone suddenly changed from meek to menance. "No, Ms. Kwon. Not just sending messages. You don't get it, do you? There is a war coming. A war of consciousness. A Psychic war. Someone is coming. They are coming to our temple. They want something we have. And we need your help to stop them. We want to train you how to use your skills." Ji-Yeon asks, "You want me to read their minds?" Julian smiled. "No, Ms. Kwon. We want you to fry their brains!" To be continued: Next Chap. 7 "Stepping out with Clementine."

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