Prologue:It is twenty years after the Lost adventure ends. Just two months into her twenty year sentence for attempted burglary, Clementine Phillips was already well into her plans to escape. She had spent most of her time in solitary confinement, due to her picking fights with the guards or throwing insults at the warden. It wasn't that she was looking out for trouble but when you were young, blonde, and pretty, you were a fresh target. Better to stay confined as long as you can. She hated everyone here. The only person she liked was an elderly and somewhat senile woman who ahd spent some time in the cell next to her. Clementine felt sorry for Karen but she knew if she didn't get out of there she would end up like her. Since she couldn't keep getting thrown into solitary for the next twenty years she had developed a plan. A guard named Zach seemed to favor her. So tonight when he came by during rounds well, a few flirtations, a few white lies, then the keys in her hand. But later that night, when she heard approaching footsteps she realized Zach wasn't alone. She looked up from her bunk and saw Zach and two other guards. "Phillips", Zach called out, "the warden wants to see you now!" Clementine knew her plan was now on hold. She was cuffed to the chair in the warden's office. He sat across from her. "What's up, Col. Klink?" Clementine cooed. "I've been instructed to present you with these documents. If you sign them you will be granted a full pardon." "What's the catch?" she asked. "You will then be employed by a man. A Mr. X.. You do everything he asks." Clementine leaned as far forward as her cuffs would allow. "What if I don't sign?" The warden smiled slightly, "Then I have been instructed to kill you." Clementine smiled herself, "Have a pen?" She was then blindfolded and placed in a vehicle where hours later she was taken into what appeared to be a cavernous building. At least the sounds of the echoes of her and her escort's seemed to indicate size. Placed in a chair and re-cuffed her blindfold removed, Clementine found herself in complete darkness. As she heard the receding footsteps of her guards she waited for her eyes to adjust. Suddenly an intense beam of light hits her. Her eyes dilate in pain. Then a voice. Hoarse. Gravely. "Ms. Phillips, I understand you have the unique talent of breaking into and out of places covertly." "I have many talents," Clementine coyly replied, "but in case you haven't heard, Jigsaw, I got caught the last time." The voice replied, "You would have got away but you were sold out." Clementine looked surprised, "You mean Emma ratted on me.....why that bitch!" The voice was impatient. "I need you to go to Europe.Retrieve some documents. The details will be provided on a private jet. You will leave immediately." Clementine asked, "What If I refuse?" A pause. "Then you will be dead!" To be continued: Next Chap. 4: "The Lead"

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