As the group of potential disciples watched from the observation room, Alvar Hanso consulted with two technicians, as he prepared to enter the Archimedean spiral that contained the "shell". The body of Christian Shephard, wrapped mummy-like in a sack-cloth, was removed from the casket and strapped to the vertical gurney. Walt Dawson was in the computer room setting up his Soul Separation Program, in an attempt to reach his deceased father. Even in the observation room, the group could feel the vibration of the accelerator coils, as the magnetron powers up to accelerate the "strange" energy through the quantum slit in the shell and direct it through Shephard's corpse, forcing this entity, this source, into Alvar Hanso himself. Ji-Yeon Kwon whispered to Aaron Littleton, "There is something not right." Aaron was amused, "Oh, you think? There is nothing right about any of this!" "I know," Ji-Yeon replied, "what I mean is that something, not planned by Hanso, is about to happen!" Aaron then noticed that Julian Carlson had slipped out of the room. Eva Jarrah still stood guard. Charlie came over to Aaron and said, "We can't let this happen. If this experiment actually works, he is not going to use his power for good. You know that!" "Yeah, I know," Aaron said. Clementine whispered, "Hey, I can take on Wonder Woman over there. Just give me the word!" Aaron nodded. Time was running out. He, nor any of the others, had any desire to work as "disciples" for Hanso or anybody else. They also all knew that if they refused, well, the desert is a big place. Bodies aren't usually found. Suddenly, there was a commotion on the lab floor. Technicians scattered, as Julian Carlson approached Alvar Hanso with a gun. "Step aside, old man!" Julian said. "What the hell are you doing?" Hanso asked. "You've had enough power in your life, Hanso, and your time is long gone" Julian said, "I've told people I worked for a great man. A man with great vision. They always thought I meant you. But I actually meant me! I now work for myself!" Before Hanso could answer, Julian shot him five times. Hanso slumped to the floor, dead. The group stood in shock and started to move towards the exit but Eva kept them at bay with her gun. "All of you, stay put!" she commanded. Julian yelled at the technicians, "Keep the experiment going! I'm heading into the fields! Dawson! You keep at the controls!" Julian aimed his gun at Walt, as he strapped himself into the chair. "Lets do this!" Julian sceamed, "Its my destiny to be a God!" Dawson pushed the control levers forward to increase the magnetic flow. The spiral took on an eerie blue glow. A beam slit open the shell and a radiant light focused through Shephard's corpse. The beam turned dark, as it proceeded into Julian. "I can feel it!" Julian cried out, "the power! The knowledge! I can feel my mind, my soul, expanding!" The look on Julian's face became dark and evil. Aaron turned to the group. "Let's go!" he said. Clementine suddenly karate kicked Eva across the face, then used her fist to smack Eva on the back of the head. Eva went down and stayed down. "Good night, Bat Girl!" Clementine said, as they all quickly exited the room. Aaron and Charlie disposed of the two guards stationed outside. They entered the lab. Ji-Yeon said, "I think I can utilize the field and try to stop Julian!" "Then do it!" Charlie yelled over the increasing hum of the accelerators. Julian then cried out, "I AM NOW A GOD!!" To be Continued: Next Chap. 22 "Souls and Sunsets"

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