Alvar Hanso said, as Walt Dawson finished the explanation of his own project, "So when we begin, we will actually be conducting two experiments. Mine and Mr. Dawson's Soul Seperation Program." "What is your experiment?" Aaron asked. "Mine will be the most ambitious of any experiment conducted by humankind in the history of the world!" Hanso said. "It has been widely rumored that a very powerful source, a source of all knowledge, of all reality, of all understanding, resides dormant within the body of Dr. Christian Shephard. There are many who want to get at that source, but don't know how. That is why over twenty years ago his body "mysteriously" disappeared. The DeGroots cryogenically "froze" him and hid his remains in the temple. But now I have him. After we stabilize the container with a stronger Faddeev-Popov field, we can open a quantum "slit" within the shell and direct a highly intense beam of energy through Shephard's body. The source will then be transfered into my body. "What will happen then?" Charlie asked. Hanso had a look of desperate satisfaction on his aged face. "I will become all powerful, all knowing, and I will be eternal. I will become God!" "Wow, talk about your overachievers," Clementine remarked. "So what does this have to do with all of us?" Aaron asked. "Why, everything!" Hanso replied, "I have been watching most of you for all of your lives. You have talents. You have a destiny. With me! I want you to assist me. Aaron Littleton. It wasn't by chance Margo Shephard, that poor delusional woman, hired you to find her husband. Julian was her source of information and steered her to you. You have a unique talent for getting the job done and gathering information. I need someone like that. Clementine Phillips. You have already proven your talents for breaking and entry. You just need a little direction in your life. I can use you to help me "obtain" items in the future." "The only "direction" I need in my life is a way out of here, Obi Kenobi!" Clementine said. Hanso laughed then continued. "Ji-Yeon Kwon. You have the natural talents for perception. Julian has trained you to use your mind to manipulate physical reality. I can use a woman with talents such as yours. "But if you obtain God-like powers, why would you need me, or any of us for that matter?" Ji-Yeon asked. "Because God always works through his disciples," Hanso answered. "Charles Hume. At first you were only a pain in my side. But I researched your background and your family. Very interesting. So I will offer you a job as my special assistant. You can do "special assignments" as needed. Your first assignment is to bring me back that log. Ms. Megan Pace. I apologise for messing up your career. But I don't think I have a need for an "aspiring" rock and roll star. You may go." "All right! Cool! Hey, Charlie. I'll wait for you outside! I gotta get away from this creep fest!" Megan said. Charlie leans over and whispers to her. "You don't really think he will let you go, do you?" Megan reconsiders. "Hey man! Can I, like, hang around a bit? I kinda like to see how this show turns out!" "Very well, if you wish," Hanso replies, "now if all of you will follow Mr. Carlson and Ms. Jarrah, they will take you to the observation room for your safety. We will start setting up immediately." As the group stands up, they notice some technicians powering up the fields and some wheeling in the white polymer casket containing Christian Shephard. "Please enjoy our experiment," Hanso says, "Its not everday one gets to see the creation of a God!" To be Continued: Next Chap. 21 "The Experiment"

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