Alvar Hanso smiled as he began to address the group. "I know all of you have questions and concerns. I hope I will be able to address them as we go along." There was dead silence in the lab. Aaron Littleton realized that this man appeared old but there was a subtle power about him. A man who was used to being in charge and getting what he wanted. Ji-Yeon Kwon was also sensing a subtle power. It was a dark essence but she couldn't pinpoint exactly where or who was the source of that darkness. Charlie Hume was watching Julian Carlson and Eva Jarrah, in case they made any sudden moves with their weapons still by their sides. Clementine Phillips was studying the layout of the lab, looking for an escape route and Megan Pace was looking around for any more "weirdo spiders." But they were still listening intently to Alvar Hanso to find some answers. "I have spent much time," Hanso continued, "trying to make up for my earlier life. I use to deal in death. My family aways made our fortunes off the evil of others. My ancestors off slavery. Myself off munitions. Then I had a vision for scientific research to save the world and achieve peace.I discovered an organization that I thought shared my ideals. The Dharma Iniative. I poured millions of dollars into that organization. Yes, there were a lot of idiots drawn to that cult, but they did make some incredible discoveries. However, the DeGroots, who founded the Iniative, decided what they found was so dangerous that the findings couldn't be revealed to the world. They wouldn't reveal it to me and I funded their damn experiments! So they took their research and entrusted it to some religious order. Which in turn, hid parts of the Dharma documents in the various secret temples they had around the world. I searched and searched. Finding a document here. A report there. I was eventually able, with the help of Mr. Carlson, to infiltrate the order that held the main documents I needed. Along with the help of Ms. Phillips, who we learned while questioning Karen DeGroot in prison, had the unique talents to open the temple vault." "Well, gee," Clementine said, "glad to be of help, Grandpa Walton!" "What were in those particular documents?" Aaron asked. "Two things," Hanso replied,"One was a formula for stabilizing what you see behind me." Hanso motioned to the "Shell" glowing in the spiral container in the middle of the lab. "You see, there are sources of strange energy around the world. Dharma was able to capture a sample of that energy and place it inside the "shell" as you like to refer to it. Unfortunately, the container is unstable. I arranged to bring the shell to the states in a sub, when it became "unstable", leaking out enough energy to atomize the crew. I quickly had a recovery team board the sub to transfer the shell. That is when you came along, Mr. Hume, and interrupted my plans. You also took the sub's log. I need that back!" "Sorry," Charlie said, "I left it in my Jeep. My friend Pavlov was driving it on a wild goose chase across the desert the last time I saw it. Besides, I don't like the way you try to get things back." "Yeah, dude," Megan said, "you messed up me and my band mates music careers!" Hanso chuckled, "I couldn't loose that log. It reveals the course back to the source of this energy. But nevertheless, I now have the formula to stabilize the shell." Aaron asked, "You said there were two things in these documents." Hanso looked to Walt Dawson. "Yes, Mr. Dawson has been an excellent assistant for me. But he has his own "special project." "Dharma believed," Dawson began, "that within the electro-magnetic energy are the trapped souls of the dead. They had developed a computer program that could search and seperate the souls from the energy field. In essence, you could speak to the dead!" "And who do you wish to speak to?" Ji-Yeon asked. Dawson sadly replied, I want to try to speak to my father!" To be Continued: Next Chap. 20 "The Source"

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