The shock of discovering Christian Shephard's body didn't have much time to resonate with Aaron Littleton. No sooner had he peered into the cryogenic coffin, that contained Shephard's remains, he felt a pain in the back of his head. Then darkness. When he awoke, he found himself inside a grey room. He was tied to one chair in the center of the room. Two other chairs, one in front, the other of to his side, were empty. A door swings open and in walked an elderly man with swept back grey hair. "My name is Martin Malachi, I am the Abbott of this monastery. Who are you and why are you here?" Aaron remained silent. "Silent type, eh?" Malachi says, "Very well, I don't have much time." Malachi walks over to an intercom system. "Bring in Bester," he commands. Suddenly ther is a commotion outside the door. The door bolts open and two monks bring in a blonde girl in handcuffs. She is feisty. "Let go of me!!!" she cries out. Kicking and screaming, she is tied to the other chair next to Aaron. The one monk turns to Malachi. "We caught this one trying to repel down the east wall. She may be an advanced scout. Watch out, sir, she has a mean karate kick.' "You bet I do, Jawa!!" the girl yells. Malachi asks the girl, "And who might you be?" She looks up and smiles mischievously. "Why I'm Lucy Lane. I was a flight attendent on 'I don't give a crap airways' and I just stepped outside the plane for a smoke and I must of accidentely landed on your roof. Didn't you hear my jet?" Malachi turns to the two monk guards. "Leave us. I have Bester coming in. He will tell us who these two are. As soon as the guards left in walks a short, pudgy monk wearing horn-rimmed glasses. Aaron thought he looked comical until the monk pushed off his hood and smiled. There was a power behind that smile, a look of confidence that sent a shiver down Aaron's spine. Malachi made the introductions. "This is Brother Bester. He is going to "ask" you some questions. Do not resist him. You will only make matters worse for yourselves." WIth that Brother Bester sat in the chair across from Aaron and the girl. "Bester, can you do both at the same time?" Malachi asked. "Yes, I can do both," Bester repled softly. Bester then turns to Aaron and the girl. "I am going to gather your thoughts. Please be cooperative. I don't want to hurt you." Then he stared blankly at a spot in the air. Aaron started to to feel a slight "itch" in the center of his brain. The itch intensified. Feeling like a dozen bugs were trying to burrow out of his head. Aaron grimaced in pain. The girl cried out, "Forget it, Kreskin. You're not gonna crawl around in my head!!" Aaron noticed she was also grimacing. Aaron's thoughts would suddenly become crystal clear, like he had just acquired all the knowledge in the universe. Then just as suddenly, his mind clouded up and for a second he couldn't even remember his name. This went on for what seemed like hours but in fact was only a few minutes. Then all Aaron had was a splitting headache. Bester gets up and turns to Malachi. "He is Aaron Littleton. A private detective hired to find Christian Shephard. She is Clementine Phillips. A common thief hired to steal the Dharma documents." "Thank you, Bester. You may go," Malachi says, as he turns to Aaron and Clementine. Suddenly, the intercom activates. "Brother Malachi! We hear artillery on the perimeter!" Malachi rushes over to the intercom. "Get Julian and Ms. Kwon. Set up the field!" "What is going on?" Aaron asks. Malachi replies, "I'll deal with you two later. We are under attack!!" Aaron and Clementine look at each other. "Well, this sucks!" Clementine says. To be continued: Next Chap. 13 "The Desert"

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